Dead City “Demo 2007” CD

Dead City - Demo 2007Dead City fucking rules. That's all there is to it, really. I can't believe these cats haven't been snatched up by a label yet, but it's often the case that the best bands are those most frequently fucked, so... I'm just glad they keep recording material and getting it out there in one way or another. This demo contains four tracks in 14 minutes and continues in the general vein of "The End of Communication" by combining thick, burly metallic hardcore power chords using just the right amount of speed with little bits and pieces of sludgy midpaced grooves and a darker edge that totally grabs my attention and hooks me in time and time again. They're still loosely comparable to the mighty Bloodlet on some level (especially vocally), though structurally Dead City's definitely coming at things in a more straightforward manner. Whatever you want to say about it, it's definitely more in that 90's vein of "metalcore" that I'm all about. Still loving those lyrics as well:

The righteous have faded. Who the fuck cares? I recognize the outdated and cast away my fears. Survival is calling, I'll get what I need. Calloused hearts sustain by whatever means. Shattered mirrors, I won't face myself. Why die hungry, when I can eat my fill? So stand in judgment, as I stake my claim. No room for the spineless, at the top of the chain...

Great fucking recording for a demo, too. I have zero complaints. Everything sounds crisp and clear, the tones are powerful, the mix is balanced... I mean, shit, if they dropped a full-length that sounded like this I'd be sold. I've heard material released by established labels in the last three months alone that sounds significantly worse than this, so... well fucking done once again, gentlemen.

Dead City "Top of the Chain"

There's plenty more ranting and raving I could do about these guys, but I'll leave it at that. Thanks to the band you can download the entire demo here, so what the fuck are you waiting for? Hear for yourself. These guys are seriously one of the only hardcore bands I've been excited to hear new material from in recent times, and I'm already looking forward to more...


  1. i also love this band. always good for some good tunes.

    6.25.2007 | By chris

  2. great band!!! i love this song! and i like their previous effort a lot!!! one of the best ep from 2006!!!

    6.25.2007 | By el diablo

  3. [...] A good band is hard to find. [...]

    6.25.2007 | By Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Sitting Here Listening

  4. These guys WERE signed to Deathwish but there was some sort of problem with the release, so it got put out on Kris Mission’s label and now this surfaces. Kinda of an enigma.

    6.25.2007 | By Sean

  5. This is enjoyable.  Reminds me of a more moshable/hc combo of Bloodlet and Crowbar, and when I say “moshable” I don’t mean it in a cliche breakdown sense.  Once again, far superior to their split lp w/ Funeral Diner a few years back.

    6.25.2007 | By Justin

  6. Hadn’t heard these guys before, noticed only sometime that they had demo or something on sale in Rock Vegas’s store when i ordered Alcatraz’s cd. This demo is pretty good and what comes in mind is a combination of holy terror sound and heavier “beatdown” hardcore. Hope these guys get a real deal from somewhere, they’d definitely deserve it.

    6.26.2007 | By xmarkusx KTL

  7. ok i liked their previous ep a little more, especially due to some really badass riffs but this guys really kick asses!

    thanks Andrew for introducing them to me!!!

    6.26.2007 | By Anonymous

  8. Being the bum that I am in terms of keeping up with facts and details, I had no idea these guys had done a split with Funeral Diner.  Talk about an odd pairing!  Very strange, but very cool…

    6.26.2007 | By Andrew Aversionline

  9. Still like the best band going now. Someone punch me in the face.

    6.26.2007 | By Adam K

  10. i’ve had that track from the last ep, “goddamned”, in heavy rotation ever since i’d downloaded it, and this shit sounds equally killer.

    7.2.2007 | By chris