Damokles, “Bodies Get Bored”: Track/Video Premiere

It's been about eight months since I last called attention to Oslo, Norway act Damokles. The group consists of D.I.Y. underground vets with ties to This Sect, Dunderbeist, Melkeveien, and several others; and recently announced signing with Vinter Records for the vinyl release of their debut full-length, Nights Come Alive, scheduled for 2022. Their first single since said announcement, "Bodies Get Bored" continues to demonstrate the band's wide-spanning range of influences, congealing into an intriguing blend of "everything but the kitchen sink"-infused post-hardcore—in particular herein with an unexpected dash of NWOBHM-via-Scandinavian-metal runs facelifted with the textural swagger of, say, These Arms are Snakes or something!?

Filmed by vocalist Gøran Karlsvik and drummer John Birkeland during rehearsal at an abandoned pig farm in rural Norway, the clip was directed by Birkeland and longtime Damokles collaborator Kenneth Olaf Hjellum (Zap, DJ Matinique). Regarding the content of the tune itself, Karlsvik stated, "Lyrically, the song touches upon the restless, seemingly reptile brain-esque urge us humans have to dominate and conquer."


For more music and news surrounding the eventual release of Nights Come Alive, find Damokles on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Similarly, seek out Vinter Records through Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.