Song of the Day: Crowsview, “Lost Resistance,” from Lost Resistance (Self-Released, 2018)

Formed back in 2015, Crowsview hails from the legendary H8000 region of Belgium and features members who have also done time with Core of Anger, Deconsecrate, and Victim Eyes. To my utter shock, I had heard absolutely nothing about this band until a longtime reader casually mentioned them to me in an email a couple of weeks ago, despite the fact that their debut full-length, Lost Resistance, tears through eight tracks/30 minutes of what essentially amounts to a perfect fusion of early Kickback and later Arkangel.

I mean, seriously: just imagine Kickback + Arkangel. Period. Do you even need more information? It's '90s-styled European metalcore in its purest form, and it rules. Meaty rhythmic grooves, just the right amount of churning metal, and seething vocals that could damn near double for Stephen Bessac. Bonus points for a couple of tracks also including guest vocal spots from Ross Demon (Length of Time) and Ché Snelting (formerly of Born From Pain, currently with Herder).

If you're outside of Europe and want to order Lost Resistance on CD, I highly recommend you contact Dust & Bones Records first, though. I had to send an additional shipping charge on top of what their webstore indicated, and for some reason PayPal absolutely slaughtered me on the currency conversion fee, so... the disc ended up costing me damn near a dollar per minute. (That being said, the package did arrive incredibly fast, thankfully!)

You can also stream it on Spotify and the like, if that's your preference. Whatever the case, get on this shit, like, now. It's mind-blowing to me that Crowsview isn't getting more attention out there. Help me change that, alright, folks?