Song of the Day: Colonial Wound, “New Skin,” from Untitled (Self-Released, 2019)

I just discovered Colonial Wound after work last night via a Facebook post from Starkweather, and this shit is mean. All I know is that they're a trio from Jacksonville, FL who digitally released a five-song EP about two weeks ago, and it kinda sounds like late-'90s Isis (i.e. the best Isis) if you replaced the industrial-tinged elements with top-shelf noise rock and threw in a doppelgänger for Tim Singer circa Deadguy on vocals. They definitely have that surging, bass-laden churn of an exceptional noise rock trio, but these tunes are waaaaaay too fuckin' heavy and windingly dissonant to be tucked into that genre.

$3 on Bandcamp, or you can stream it on Spotify, if you'd rather. Whatever the case, everything about this material is superb, so I'll be stunned and disappointed if they don't find themselves hooked up with a label for something more tangible in the near future...