Song of the Day: Chat Pile, “Mask,” from Remove Your Skin Please (Self-Released, 2019)

Thanks once again to longtime reader Blaž for encouraging me to check out Oklahoma City, OK's Chat Pile. The quartet's second EP, Remove Your Skin Please, was released digitally back in November (cassettes followed earlier this month) and is rife with a semi-sludgy take on those Swans/Godflesh types of noisy, dissonant, lightly industrial pummelings—if fronted by the unhinged lyrical narratives of a band like Life, Sex & Death.

I was on board right away, but when the more melodic undercurrents of "Mask" kicked in, I was floored. Fuckin' masterpiece. The slightly more earnest and emotional vibe of the atmosphere—even vocally—leading into the intensely warped chugging of the chorus... holy shit is this band onto something here. Absolutely excellent.

By the time I discovered them, physical copies of their debut, This Dungeon Earth, had unfortunately already sold out, and it looks like Remove Your Skin Please tapes might be gone by the time you're reading this, too. [Edit: Yep, they're gone!] Here's to hoping that means bigger and better to come from Chat Pile. I'll damn sure be listening...

(You can also find these tunes on Spotify.)