Black Magic Acid Cult, “Mother's Boy,” from Bad Trips & Ritual Murders (Self-Released, 2017)

Inspired by "'60s/'70s Satanism, substance abuse, bad acid trips, occultism and rituals, murders and madness," Netherlands-based duo Black Magic Acid Cult seeks to conjure a doom metal aesthetic through synth- and drum machine-powered dark ambient/industrial means. This particular track was inspired by serial killer Edmund Kemper; the other, "A Family Trip," by the Manson Family and the murder of Sharon Tate (the EP symbolically released on August 8th, the 48th anniversary of said murder).

"Mother's Boy" grabbed my attention right away with its use of hypnotically repetitive percussion and chilling, subtly melodic drones alongside a few well-integrated samples. I personally would not have drawn the "doom metal" parallel (beyond the "stoner"-esque qualities of the artwork, perhaps) had the group not informed me of such, but that simply means the material stands perfectly on its own, regardless of interpreted inspiration.

The two-track EP, Bad Trips & Ritual Murders, is available as a name your price download via Bandcamp, and I'll be quite interested to hear more from this project moving forward. As usual, I feel it would be nice to see a physical release available at some point!