Song of the Day: Bál, “Hún Finnur Mig” (2020)

Bál is a brand new four-piece from Reykjavík, Iceland that formed earlier this year and hit me up a couple of days ago—thanks for the tip, Birkir!—about their very first song, "Hún Finnur Mig," which just crept online yesterday. I had no idea what to expect, so I was slightly taken aback when the crispy HM-2 sizzle of the intro gave way to some super punchy alt.-metal built upon a foundation of sludgy grooves and sleek singing that still hangs onto some gruff aggression. The production is dense as hell, packed with killer vocal harmonies and stacks of melodic asides to the main guitar rhythms. Plus, imagine my surprise when I learned that the drummer was in freakin' Sororicide!? How's that for cool!?

You can also stream the track on Spotify, if that's your preference. From what I gather, the band is releasing singles as they go, and I can't wait to hear more! Hopefully they'll start making stuff available for purchase via Bandcamp or something of that nature when they amass a few more tunes. Until then, follow 'em on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the new jams are gonna hit!