Song of the Day: Audionerve, “My Own Enemy” (Self-Released, 2017)

I've become quite a fan of Hungarian groove metal maestro Gergő Hájer's work over the past two years—most notably with his primary band, Omega Diatribe, but I also enjoy some of his earlier work with SyCo I as well; and he has additionally hipped me to a number of killer Hungarian bands (like this) that are well worth a listen, too! So, I was pretty psyched to see an email from him this morning about a new track from the forthcoming debut album of his studio side project, Audionerve.

The group released another badass tune, "Ghost Train," back in the summer of 2015, and "My Own Enemy" treads a similar path of the harder-hitting, early nu-metal style that gets melodic without shedding its aggression or leaning in a mainstream direction.

I realize that there can be a bit of an "uncool" stigma surrounding this niche of metal, but come on... who gives a fuck!? Over the years, I've definitely opened up more and more to simple, churning grooves delivered with solid songwriting, and I'm damn sure looking forward to hearing Audionerve's complete album as soon as it hits the streets...