Ape!, Tall Ships/And We Wait (SRA, 2011)

The latest from Ape! is a two-song 7" EP released by SRA Records. I can't really pin down Ape!'s sound other than to say they're a "heavy rock band"—"heavy rock band" being a very generic and potentially misleading phrase, I realize. There's a good amount of thick, heavy riffing with a tinge of sludginess happening; nice, subtly distorted bass runs; sparse vocals tucked right into the mix alongside the instrumentation; and super fuzzy, rocked out leads that border on being somewhat chaotic, really. The core of "And We Wait" actually reminds me of Only Living Witness, though, which is in fact a very fucking good thing. That being said, the entire EP runs less than seven minutes, so it's over in a flash and I'm not really sure what more to say here. You probably ought to just stream both tracks below and make the call yourself!

In addition to the physical copies, the tracks are available as a name-your-price download on Ape!'s Bandcamp, so you can't lose there...

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