Antiprocess, “Bring it Down” (Self-Released, 2017)

It's been a little over six months since I last gushed about the quintessential industrial metal goldmine that is Antiprocess, but it seems that some new tracks from the one-man outfit are starting to hit YouTube as of late, so here we go again...

As before, the immediate go-to reference is Streetcleaner-era Godflesh, but the stark simplicity of "Bring it Down" is also stirring memories of some of my other favorites such as Spine Wrench, or maybe even a murkier take on some of the darker moments from the first Misery Loves Co. album. In any case, it rules, and I'd love to see a new EP or full-length come to fruition soon—preferably on a legit physical format! (Yes, I'm old.)

And if you didn't do any digging on Antiprocess main man Chad Davis the last time around, I'm telling you, check out his YouTube page for hours of superb music spanning a variety of genres. Dude is an unsung underground legend of the highest order, and I'll never comprehend how he cranks out so much top-shelf music so damn quickly!