Amoeba Men, “What You See,” from Amoeba Men (Whirling Dervish, 1989)

Amoeba Men was an obscure Cincinnati, OH trio consisting of Hank McLendon on guitar, Jason Knarr on bass, and Scotty Duncan on drums (R.I.P.)—I'm not sure which of them handled vocals. Apparently they had a brief run during the late-'80s/early-'90s and managed to release one four-song 7" in 1989 on Whirling Dervish Records, the label run by Tyrranicide guitarist/vocalist Jeff Hill.

I'll be honest: I didn't really expect much from this EP, but I was dead wrong, 'cause I love this shit. It's a unique form of semi-sarcastic, punked-out crossover thrash with hints of a funk metal undercurrent—in part simply because the bassist rules, but I suppose it is somewhat comparable to a heavier and not as quirky Primus at times. Whatever you want to call it, the band puts forth fuckin' great, memorable songwriting; killer musicianship; and a solid blend of sincerity and fun, too.

You can actually stream the other three songs on the bassist's SoundCloud page. I have no clue why "What You See" isn't included there, as it's certainly my favorite track from the 7" with its hard-charging tempo and slightly darker atmosphere. They're all pretty killer tunes, though. Badass EP. An incredibly pleasant surprise!