After Oblivion “Vultures”

After Oblivion - VulturesIt's been a little over three years since I wrote about the last demo from Bosnia and Herzegovina's After Oblivion, but their technical, melodic death metal that's highly influenced by the legendary Death remains firmly intact. They've secured a heavier recording this time out that gives a hint more prominence to the basslines and thickens things up in general, but in terms of the songwriting and performances I'd say everything's pretty much dead on with where they were headed on "The Carnal Form". Expect tracks dominated by high-energy riffing delivered through crisp guitar work and fluid solos, followed relatively closely by pulsing bass and efficient percussion. The band's rhythm section isn't as creative as those for which Death is remembered, but there's no denying the similarities in overall atmosphere between the two bands. I can't make much sense of why these guys haven't been scooped up by a label yet. The sneering vocals are higher-pitched than average, and can be an acquired taste to some degree, but... that's not a significant issue at all. I get used to the vocals within the first minute, and everything starts to fall into place just fine. There have been a good number of moderately successful bands over the years that have basically borrowed 90% of their approach from Carcass, so what's wrong with a band that immediately brings to mind later-era Death!? Nothing, that's what! Hopefully After Oblivion will have better luck moving forward. I'd definitely like to hear what they could do with a full-length album...

After Oblivion "Vultures"

Apparently you can email the band at [email protected] and receive a link to download the tracks for free, but they just got physical CD's made up as well, so be sure to ask about ordering information if that's your preference.