Song of the Day: Actors, “Bury Me,” from It Will Come to You (Artoffact, 2018)

Vancouver, BC quartet Actors recently landed on my radar due to the involvement of bassist Jahmeel Russell from one of my absolute favorite bands of the past decade: Red Vienna (if you've still not heard them, remedy that problem as soon as "Bury Me" runs its course). I'm glad that such a random tidbit of information caught my eye, too, as the group's debut full-length, It Will Come to You—out today via Artoffact Records—thoroughly impresses with its cinematically synthwaved brand of forlorn-yet-danceable post-punk that wanders through an early-2000's Interpol type of take on such influences; plus a lush, modernized air of darkness that brings individuality to Actors' approach.

Originally released as a digital single in the summer of 2016 prior to its appearance on the album, "Bury Me" was one of my immediate favorites (along with "Crystal," another digital single from last year)—its throbbing rhythm and infectious chorus stuck in my head for hours after the first listen. The whole record is superbly written and produced, though—quite honestly more memorable and gripping than a number of the band's more popular contemporaries. So, as always, I'm left hoping that Actors will gradually maneuver toward that level of well-deserved recognition here shortly. In the meantime, grab It Will Come to You on CD or LP (or via stream/digitally, if you must) and help spread the word, won't you?