Song of the Day: 357 Justice, “Triumphant Pills,” from 357 Justice (Hater of God, 2001)

Tracks from this album keep popping up at random on my iPod lately and kicking my teeth through the back of my skull, thus reminding me of two inarguable facts:

  1. Hater of God was an excellent label, and I really don't understand why it's not more frequently discussed these days.
  2. This self-titled outing from Albany, NY's 357 Justice remains by far the most underrated release amidst the label's discography—and one of its most mysterious, too.

I still know pretty much nothing about 357 Justice. Hell, I'm not even entirely sure what year this was released! I bought my copy in either late-2003 or early-2004 and it looks like the cover art might be dated 2000, so I'm guessing 2001 based on its catalog number. Scouring Discogs I can't determine if any of the group's members went on to later projects (it looks like the drummer had previously done a short stint with Monster X), etc.

But, if you're in the mood for some crushing metalcore of the finest order, this is where it's at, folks. Talk about a great mix of sinister atmosphere, subtle technicality, and of course neck-cracking breakdowns aplenty. And—at least for now—you can still pick up the CD for a reasonable price, too! I'd hop on that shit while you still can, 'cause the only other release 357 Justice appeared on (a compilation) is so obscure that it's not even listed on Discogs, and I've never seen a single copy for sale...