For those who remain…

I'm not sure if anyone still pops in here at the ol' "blahg," but if so, and should you care, you can keep up with everything that I personally have been writing over at No Echo using this link:

Also, when I pitched the whole "Song of the Day" concept here about a year ago, a few people seemed into it. However, now a reality at No Echo, pretty much no one reads 'em. Bummer. Carlos and I really enjoy writing those posts, 'cause they're a fast and fun way to (hopefully) get a wide range of different music in front of curious listeners, but... most of the time they just fade into obscurity without any significant activity. I'd love to get any feedback from readers as to why those posts aren't particularly interesting, and what (if anything) might happen to make that section of the site more appealing?

Post a comment, shoot me an email, turn loose a carrier pigeon... anything.



  1. i look up aversion for the most comprehensive review of hardcore or even checking out bands that i’m not aware of in the said genre. maybe no echo should continue where aversion left off….?

    1.14.2015 | By bernard

  2. Facebook killed the internet, nobody reads blogs anymore it seems…

    1.28.2015 | By René

  3. I still check aversionline every now and then just in case, have’nt really found a website that describes hard music like this one did, need to give the site you’re writing on another go.

    2.2.2015 | By Eric

  4. I was talking about your blog with AS vocalist just last night.

    Few bands discovered because of it.

    Thanks bro !

    2.3.2015 | By KubonaSplashdown

  5. I still visit the site man.  Would be great if you could up load more NJHC.

    3.5.2015 | By Anonymous

  6. Ha!

    12.6.2015 | By Hidde