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All Shall Perish "Hate - Malice - Revenge" CD

All Shall Perish - Hate - Malice - Revenge

Fuck yeah, this is some excellent brutal death metal with a tasteful dose of melody out of Oakland, CA. They've got just the right mix of vicious mosh and technical flare, and the songwriting is top notch for the genre. The songs run four to six minutes on average, but they never get boring. The transitions are always there, and the riffing tends to be really powerful in my opinion. On rare occasion there's a little bit of a Scandinavian feel to the melodies, but not in a generic way. And the same goes for the breakdowns, which, while reminiscent of a metalcore type of sound, are in my opinion rooted more in pummeling death metal. The vocals tend to be lower range growls, occasionally sneaking in some midrange sneers and such. Good stuff. Every now and then they drop some killer complex bass runs that pop out of nowhere and definitely bring Cannibal Corpse circa "The Bleeding" to mind (see "Laid to Rest" especially). The mildly paced "Sever the Memory" stands out a lot with its chugging rhythms, panning, and subtle guitar layering; and "Herding the Brainwashed" has the classic Florida death metal sound stamped all over it. Nice work. The recording is really effective for what they're doing as well. Everything is loud and up front, with lots of chunky texture and ample clarity. The drums are tight but have a good amount of density happening, the bass tone is there, the vocals sound fine, and the guitar tone is really good. I might mix things ever so slightly closer together, but I don't have any complaints. This sounds a lot better than most of the death metal that I hear coming from larger labels these days. The layout is really nice. I like the bleak imagery, minimal use of color, and clean typefaces a whole lot, and everything is printed on matte paper as well. The lyrics are also awesome compared to most death metal, taking on socio-political types of topics in a personal manner, focusing on greed and power and the way that they affect the state of today's world. "My ever waking contempt for our sick way of life steals from me any last hope for us as a species to survive ourselves I watch us breed, I watch us drown in our oily seas of greed forever lost... a time before the machine manufactured ideals pushed on us all a few dictate as we all fall disillusioned I tear away the bullshit fed to me everyday..." I'm definitely into this across the board. Ripping music, solid lyrics, a good visual presence... absolutely watch the fuck out for this band. I don't know how they ended up on a Japanese label, but I hope they're getting proper attention here in the US as well, because this is too good to be overlooked. (8/10)
[Amputated Vein]
Running time - 36:08, Tracks: 8
[Notable tracks: Our Own Grave, Sever the Memory, Never Ending War]
Amputated Vein Records - http://www.amputatedvein.com

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