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Human is Filth "...Destroys Emil Beaulieau" CD

Human is Filth - ...Destroys Emil Beaulieau

I believe the title of this one is self-explanatory. Nine untitled tracks totaling 45 minutes of Human is Filth chewing up and spitting out Emil Beaulieau material. The result? Harsh noise with a nice, dirty, sinister atmosphere. Its not too bland or generic, and therefore doesn't lack feeling, but it's also not something that really breaks new ground or strays from the traditional expectations of the genre. As with much of Human is Filth's material, a few tracks are a bit darker and more intense, lending a dark ambient/death industrial vibe to the disc that I find to be quiet nice - that's the key element that puts Human is Filth above the rest of the herd for me, and really points towards a great level of potential. Even the general harsh noise elements are constantly moving and keep the flow in check without stagnating or dragging on for excessive amounts of time. The closing piece is 11 minutes and can be rather repetitive, which is the only track herein that is a snag in the aforementioned flow, but since it's the final track it works itself out alright. The recording is really great for this style. It's really raw and dense, but it's got enough of a bite to really unleash a piercing attack that's always really thick and warm. It's not at all polished, but it's not too muddy or lo-fi either... it's well balanced between the two, leaning towards the rawer side of the fence. The CD-R comes in a thick black slipcase with some xeroxes on red paper pasted onto each side. The art is all high contrast, and inside is a strange insert on orange paper that has a collage of images, the most dominant of which is some weird grocery store ad or something. Go figure. It looks pretty cool, though. All in all this is a very nice little D.I.Y. styled release. Human is Filth seems to be continually growing bit by bit, and I still expect to one day be highly impressed by the project... (6/10)
Running time - 45:40, Tracks: 9
[Notable tracks: none of 'em have titles]
Human is Filth - http://www.ulniindustries.com

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