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Backstabbers Incorporated "Kamikaze Missions" CD

Backstabbers Incorporated - Kamikaze Missions

F-u-c-k! This doesn't even sound like the same band! The songs are longer, everything is heavier... it sounds like a mix between His Hero is Gone and black metal or something like that! No shit! I use the term "black metal" loosely as the main similarities are the at times insane speed and furiously fast blasts, as well as a certain appropriate air of ruggedness to the recording, while the density and dissonant melodies are more akin to the His Hero is Gone school of playing... but this is fucking awesome either way! I'm blown away by how good this is! I like their old stuff but I swear this bears little similarity to that material... it's not chaotic, it's not a blur... everything is coherent and perfectly arranged, and shit, some of the songs even top four or five minutes!? And the songs kill, too! God damnit! A lot of people hate sarcastic song titles, but when handled right, I'm all for 'em. And you can't beat shit like "I Don't Care How Many Times You've Seen Fight Club, You Are Not Tyler Durden", or "Voorhees, Krueger, Myers, and Bush". That sets the tone for the musical onslaught of this fucker... just check out the sheer punishment of "If You Can See the End, It's Already Over": Slow, plodding, destructive madness. Fucking awesome. I really like the production a lot. Everything is thick and dirty with no fucking space in the mix, everything is mixed tight together with lots of density and distorted texture, letting a little extra noisiness hover around to add grit, but not getting muddy or sloppy at all. The layout is printed on matte paper (my favorite) in bright ass colors with lots of high contrast, iconographic styled artwork. The lyrics are fucking excellent, much longer and more involved than one would likely assume, making excellent use of both sarcasm and sheer bitterness to make a serious point in the end. "This bastard signed us off with goodnight and god bless. You fucking fortunate son. Is this what you asked for? Is this what you wanted? There aren't enough holes in the ground to bury the lives you've wrecked." I can't get over how good this is, nor how different it is from their past work. Trust me, even if you didn't like them before, you should do yourself a favor and look into this, because this is a whole new fucking ballgame. The attitude and message are the same, but the music is so much more menacing and forceful. Great work. (8/10)
[Trash Art!]
Running time - 38:03, Tracks: 14
[Notable tracks: You Brought This on Yourself, ****, If You Can See the End, It's Already Over]
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