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World Burns to Death "The Sucking of the Missile Cock + Human Meat..." CD

World Burns to Death - The Sucking of the Missile Cock + Human Meat...

At last this masterpiece is available on CD, including all of the tracks from "The Sucking of the Missile Cock" LP, plus the "Human Meat... Tossed to the Dogs of War" and self-titled 7"s, and some unreleased songs thrown on as bonus tracks. Here's what I had to say about the LP a few months back: "Fuck... here's some blistering hardcore/punk with an incredibly tight performance and a really unique vocal sound. It's a multi vocal attack with predominantly straight shouts and then some higher screams that make for great tradeoffs, but it's really a step aside from the usual delivery. These guys display some great songwriting that offers up tons of changes and a lot of semi complex subtleties that are pretty rare when it comes to this genre of hardcore. The songs are fast and heavy with a lot of energy, and something about this record is immediately more memorable than most of what's out there. 'Death is Psychosomatic' rocks some killer bass breaks, fucked up backwards vocal effects, raging speeds, etc. 'Whom the Gods Destroy... They First Make Ridiculous' infuses some brief melody thrown in with thrashy picky patterns and catchy chord progressions, and 'In the Country of the Blind... The One-Eyed Man is King' introduces an awesome spoken passage. 'Apparatus' is slower and driving with nice melodic lead lines and feedback over some palm-muted rhythms towards the end, etc. The recording is fucking awesome, too. It's perfectly mixed so that the sound isn't too raw, nor is it too polished. It accents the tightness of their playing just enough and allows the bass to carry the weight of the low-end perfectly. Nothing is dominant. This is absolutely perfect for what they're doing." The other tracks have a grittier, more textured sound and are a bit more straightforward as far as the songwriting goes, but the material is still as ferocious as ever, and damn good too. The order of the songs is strange, as they sort of mix up the unreleased and 7" material instead of just grouping them together by release. "Wretched Sons of Kursk", from the "Human Meat..." 7", starts things off, then it's on to a few tracks from the self-titled EP, then the three unreleased songs all appear together in one track, then it's two more from the self-titled EP, and they close with the other two songs from "Human Meat...". The three unreleased songs were recorded at the same sessions as the two 7"s, and apparently the songs were all originally put out as a studio demo, so perhaps this is the order in which the tracks appeared at that time? It doesn't matter, it all rules. The huge CD booklet is all black and white and contains all of the lyrics and interesting explanations found on the LP's insert (including the hilarious collages of George W. Bush's head pasted onto curiously posed nude male bodies), plus a few additional pieces of art (possibly taken from the 7"s) and lyrics for the additional tracks. The details offered up regarding the subject matter of the tracks come complete with personal commentary as well as quotes/documentation from a wealth of other sources. One example of the content would be their attack on the Bush administration's desire to "merge its war propaganda with the rhetoric of christian retribution..." The lyrics are more blunt and definitely make their point, though: "You stupid fucking cattle, will die for anything, In the country of the fucking blind... the one-eyed man is king." I must commend their excellent presentation of ideas in a very intelligent manner that doesn't lack any aggression. This band rules. They're definitely one of my current favorites as far as hardcore/punk goes. Get this. (9/10)
[Hardcore Holocaust]
Running time - 42:33, Tracks: 20
[Notable tracks: The Dead Sing This Hymn:, Death is Psychosomatic, The Sucking of the Missile Cock, Whom the Gods Destroy... They First Make Ridiculous, Apparatus, Wretched Sons of Kursk, World Burns to Death]
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