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Change of plans…

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 @ 1:47pm » permalink

For the handful of people who responded to the last post (thank you, by the way), and anyone else that might care: I lied about resurrecting the site this month. A new project is cooking up that's actually going to be much, much cooler. Everything's still in the early stages and probably won't really kick in for another month or so, but… I'm looking forward to it. More news when it happens!


  1. Fred says:

    Good to hear, looking forward to that mystery top secret confidention new project.

  2. inhalexhale says:


  3. Hello Anti 5 Andrew. It's been a while. I'm very happy this mystery is happening again. Thank you so much. I'm very happy.

  4. Howard says:

    Awesome news Andrew! I've enjoyed checking out the Grab Bags you've been collaborating on as of late so I look forward to your new project.

  5. GIAB says:

    I'm very excited to here you are gonna do something new.
    I've been trawling your old reviews looking for recent crust-punk reviews, for stuff I've missed from about 1987 to now :)

  6. Hightowerz says:

    Great news! Been missing the best music blog there is! Hope u get it going again! Triumph!

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