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Integrity "Harder They Fall" flexi 7"

Posted on Friday, February 25th, 2011 @ 7:09am » permalink

Integrity - Harder They FallAnother Dwid-related reissue (this one more unexpected) sees Organized Crime Records pressing Integrity's 1989 "Harder They Fall" demo onto a clear flexi 7" limited to a mere 150 hand-numbered copies, with the cover art of the original demo enlarged to fit. What the hell can I say about Integrity that I haven't already said? I've probably written about the band like 50 times now, in each instance pointing out that they're one of my all-time favorites (and have been for well over a decade), etc., etc. I'm not really one to sit and agonize over the minute differences between varying recording sessions. Maybe portions are a little faster or a little slower than non-demo editions or whatnot, but one thing you'll notice here is that the recording on these three classic Integrity tracks – "Live it Down", "Dead Wrong", and "Bringing it Back" – is actually a bit heavier than the versions of the songs that appeared on the "In Contrast of Sin" 7". Most notably the basslines are clearer and more audible, which is definitely awesome. And who could complain about an old demo being reissued on a badass format like a flexi? Especially given the fact that it's pretty incredible to think that it's been 20+ years since this material was recorded!

Integrity "Live it Down"

As mentioned above, this release is limited to just 150 copies (each comes with a download code), and I believe the only place you can get it is direct from the label. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold out any day now, so… you'd better act fast if you'd like to give one a home in your collection of future rarities!


@ Organized Crime Records


  1. i got mine at the show in baltimore i wish they would re-release off the bat it was such a good demo i have it on the systems overload cd and i believe i read somewhere thet the off the bat demo is diehard not integrity
    does anyone know where you can find the off the bat demo tape?
    i've seen the harder they fall demo tape float around on ebay before but it went for a quite of bit of money

  2. Midge says:

    Just taken delivery of one of the more exclusive red "Grace Board" versions of this, limited to 65. Very nice…

  3. Midge says:

    Should also mention that there were also 65 black show only versions of this too.

  4. Carlos says:

    Wish I would saw this review before as 7" are already sold out…

  5. ben says:

    flexis are already gone. bummer to say the least.

  6. unholy yawn says:

    one of my favourite Integrity recordings, waaaay better then the following 7" in my opinion.

  7. piesay says:

    hate to say that the flexi is no longer in place. really good stuff. i missed the helloween vinyls as well. this is sickening. peeps, check out my page as well

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