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Pain Runs Deep "Whispered Truths" 7"

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 @ 5:09am » permalink

Pain Runs Deep - Whispered TruthsThe latest from The Essence Records sees Pain Runs Deep dropping their first recorded output since reforming in 2008 after a lengthy hiatus (their debut EP came out way back in 1998). And an impressive return it is, with four new tracks of inventive metallic hardcore said to be "inspired by their favorite early-90's jams like Conviction or Burn". I wouldn't say either of those influences is too obvious (the end result actually reminds me of Edgewise with a little more creativity and more consistent songwriting), but if you're gonna draw influences from somewhere, that's a damn fine place to start. Expect lots of winding rhythms and cool post-hardcore dissonance (without abandoning chunky riffs or aggression), and some great interaction between differing guitar parts. I'd love to hear more bass in the mix, 'cause it sounds like they're doing some interesting things in that department as well – alongside the energetic drumming. What strikes me the most, though, are the unique vocals that actually have their own recognizable character that stands apart from the norm. It's really refreshing at this point in time to hear a hardcore vocalist that actually has an individual identity. Very cool. I wasn't familiar with Pain Runs Deep before now, but I'll have to track down their other EP, 'cause this shit rules.

Pain Runs Deep "Locate Your Enemy"

In addition to coming with a download code, the 7" packaging also includes an awesome essay by former Burn/Orange 9mm frontman Chaka Malik, which is another nice touch, so be sure to pick one up while you still can if you're into it!


@ The Essence Records


  1. shaked balance says:

    Those guys have been playing together since about 1993 and to my knowledge are the only band in the world with every single member remaining straight edge during all those years.

  2. Jimfuckingwinters says:

    Just going off the 2 tracks i have heard. I do hear references to Burn, especially in the more open spoken sections. Even Absolution came to mind, albeit veiled just slightly. Oddly enough i kept thinking of Greed Killing era Napalm Death also. Solid record. Solid dudes.

  3. The Essence says:

    You can download the whole EP from the following link:

    Please let us know what you think. Thanks to Aversion for positive feedback.

  4. blaquepope says:

    Got my copy today. Very interesting and unusal take on the whole metal/hardcore thing. Very nice un-muddled recording and the songs are all memorable. I really like the occasional clean guitar parts and the slight Slayer-eque riffing on Locate Your Enemy. The packaging is top notch, very impressive, with awesome inserts and shit and the cover art is very cool. Keep it up.

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