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Throat "Adult Situations" 7"

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 @ 7:08am » permalink

Throat - Adult SituationsThis all-too-brief EP from Turku, Finland's Throat (released by Kult of Nihilow) throws down a mere two tracks/10 minutes of high-quality "noise rock". Driven largely by pulsing, lightly distorted basslines and crisp, natural percussion, the harsh shouts and mangled singing fight their way forth from the back of the mix amidst guitars that offer up everything from swirling layers of feedback, repetitious rhythmic churns, and weird bends, to the types of surging, angular riffing you'd expect from this particular niche. My knowledge of this style is not what I'd like it to be, so I'm not really sure what parallels I'd draw here (not that it's necessary), but the band seems to draw comparisons to 16, Unsane, and Fudge Tunnel more often than not. I'd lean harder on Unsane than anything else in that list, but… it probably doesn't really matter, right? The bottom line is that this is an awesome 7" and it certainly leaves me hungry for more, which is what any good EP should do!

Throat "Soft Rogue" (excerpt)

The 7" is limited to just 330 copies, so be sure to pick one up while you still can if this is your thing…


@ Kult of Nihilow
@ Kaos Kontrol


  1. Jack says:

    Christ, this is REALLY good.

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