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Yersinia "Efter Oss Syndfloden" CD

Posted on Monday, February 7th, 2011 @ 7:44am » permalink

Yersinia - Efter Oss SyndflodenReleased by Black Star Foundation, "Efter Oss Syndfloden" is the debut full-length from Swedish act Yersinia, who quite impressed me with their two prior EP's of contemporary metalcore meets "screamo". As with the band's past efforts, expect loads of chaotic, technical riffing; an awesomely discordant edge; surprisingly brutal, chugging breakdowns; tactfully grooving rhythms; interesting melodic bits and angular arrangements; etc. And unlike most bands of this nature you can actually pick out a number of more straightforward and explosive chord progressions that remain tied to traditional hardcore. The vocals tend to stick with absolutely vicious, scathing screams alongside a few half-spoken passages, but there's not really any singing. They don't go for the whole "catchy chorus" thing, and that's a nice change of pace from the norm, because the songwriting is still really memorable. That's what makes this their strongest offering to date: There's just an excellent sense of energy throughout, and a lot of passages that jump out and grab your attention. Awesome recording, too. The mix nicely balances the biting acerbity with the churning heaviness, while retaining enough clarity for a lot of little textural details to shine through. It's an intense listen, as they pretty much keep charging forward for the entire 11 songs/40 minutes, but I'm impressed. Good stuff…

Yersinia "Ensamhetens Lov"


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