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Pallbearer - 2010 demoThis impressive demo from Little Rock, AR's Pallbearer sees the band unload three lengthy tracks of doom metal in the classic sense – clocking in for a total of more than 23 minutes. For the most part the approach is a consistent one that seems driven by influences from innovators like Black Sabbath by way of later staples such as Trouble, so expect loads of moderately slow-paced riffing and lightly distorted pulses of bass with a handful of lead melodies and great monotone singing (That's right, folks: No growls!) with little hints of reverb floating overhead for added effect. The recording suits the material just fine, with natural percussive tones and an ultra thick guitar sound that's heavy and aggressive without trying too hard, allowing the eerie wail of the vocals to rise to the forefront just a bit. I'd like to hear the basslines given a hint more presence during the core moments where said perfectly textured guitars are running the show, but it's not a problem. I love how the band is able to achieve a droning, hypnotic sort of feel without relying on any of the trappings of that more contemporary "drone" style of doom. They don't play overly slow or let huge power chords sustain and decay forever, they don't use oppressive low-end to generate literal ambient drones, etc. It's just good, solid, to the point doom metal with strong songwriting and a great atmosphere. Awesome.

Pallbearer "The Legend"

The band has been gracious enough to make the entire demo available for free download as well:

[DOWNLOAD] Pallbearer "2010 demo" (@ MediaFire)

Physical copies of the demo are limited to 120 pieces, so pick one up while you still can, and definitely keep an eye out for the band's forthcoming full-length on Shadow Kingdom Records…


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  1. gordeth says:

    This is excellent! They remind me a lot of Warning. I ordered a copy of the demo before the song was even over.

  2. Carlos says:

    I like this. I was huge fan of Warning and when I saw mentioning of them in previous post and your review I know I would like this before even started to listening.
    Although I was always more fond of more "aggressive" music this is doom "style" I dig a lot.

    And name of the song is Legend. Yesterday I've finished reading David Gemmell's Legend and this song perfectly suit the book.

  3. bullettobinary says:

    Love it!

  4. Jerry Woe says:

    I get to see this band play regularly, and they are incredible. I can't wait to hear their full length.

  5. justin says:

    I like it. The vox aren't as annoying as Warning who can get pretty silly at times(though are still sorta cool) or that old Holy records band Serenity. Good name for a doom band…surprised it wasn't taken already!

  6. Joe says:

    That's funny, I thought of Warning as well, but yeah, without the usually-annoying vocals. Cool stuff for sure.

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