Sandokhan/Krupskaya split 12"

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Sandokhan/Krupskaya - splitThis is another one that made it into my "best of 2010" before I had a chance to write about it here first. From consistently solid German label 7 Degrees Records comes this completely amazing, face-ripping split 12" from obscure grind acts Sandokhan and Krupskaya. I don't even know where Sandokhan is from (Germany?) but they kick things off with 13 tracks of blasting grindcore in barely over six minutes. If you're anticipating anything more than furious tremolo picking, hammering percussion, and fierce growls/screams, you won't find it. There's about one midpaced breakdown in the sole track that's more than 45 seconds long, but that's about it. Otherwise, it's one of those "all go, no slow" situations. I have no idea what this band is all about, what with song titles like "Revenge of the Second Tehraegte" and "Trismegistus to Asclepius", but… if you like your grind blazing fast and in your face, this is the band for you. Then Krupskaya (UK) sort of steals the show by unloading one of the most fucked up, twisted takes on grind that I've ever encountered in my life. Chaotic wails of discordant riffing; hyper-speed blasts; mangled chord phrasings loaded with bizarre, Gorguts-like dissonance; samples and atmospheric noise; unexpected appearances of melody; maniacal vocals that are all over the place… you've really gotta hear this shit to even begin to understand how crazy it is. I don't know how they're able to make such a frantic attack kick this much ass, but… they do. I could definitely see this band being a bit of an acquired taste, but their ridiculously badass riffs and slithery textures are just so fuckin' heavy… maybe they're like the Starkweather of grind!?

Sandokhan "Apex Predator"
Krupskaya "Veiled Behind the Indignation of Bacteria"

The entire 12" results in 24 songs in just 20 minutes, so I damn sure need to hear more ASAP! To my dismay this one doesn't seem to be very widely distributed at all right now, so contact the label directly to see about getting your hands on one of these gems. I sincerely hope these bands (and 7 Degrees Records) start getting more of the attention they deserve soon, 'cause this material instantly fried my brain!


  1. Carlos says:

    As I've mentioned when you post your first "top of '10" list I fall in love (or in pieces :) ) in first second of the first song on label's page.

    And label has many other great releases as well especially for those who worshiped old German "metalcore" (Bremen are more precisely).



    I'll definitely be posting about a few other 7 Degrees Records releases in the coming weeks.

  3. Jack says:

    Can't say I share your enthusiasm for Krapskaya, they want so badly to be Narcosis & Yacopsae.


    Jack, as usual, get your ears cleaned.

  5. Carlos says:


  6. Panos says:

    discovered the label and Kropskaya thanks to you. they rule! The owner's band KEITZER rule as well.

  7. [...] between early Discordance Axis and Last Day Of Humanity. Sandokhan are a mysterious project and as Aversionline wrote "if you like your grind blazing fast and in your face, this is the band for you". Clear [...]

  8. James W says:

    This is another awesome release. It's great that that Krupskata are from the UK, but Sandokhan are awesome to. The artwork for the records looks great as well. Are there any UK distros that stock this?

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