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Coke Bust - Lines in the SandOriginally released on LP in 2009 by Six Weeks Records, "Lines in the Sand" is the debut full-length from Washington, DC straightedge band Coke Bust. This new CD pressing includes the LP's 17 tracks as well as the "Fuck Bar Culture" 7" and their 2006 demo as a bonus (with a handful of songs from those sessions that were unreleased prior to this, I believe) for a grand total of 33 tracks in less than as many minutes – all wrapped up with a hefty 24-page booklet containing all of the lyrics and tons of photos, flyers, etc. Musically expect nothing but rippin' fast, in your face hardcore in the early-80's style: Raging power chords and chaotic leads; gruff vocal shouts; blasting percussion and hammering, lightly distorted basslines, and so on. You probably know the drill, right? I don't listen to a ton of bands of this nature that weren't actually around in the early-80's, and as is generally the case with this stuff I can't say there's anything particularly innovative happening here, but these dudes totally nail the approach, and their relentless aggression combined with today's crisper and more well-rounded production values start to create a bit of a "powerviolence" vibe, which always tends to grab my attention for whatever reason. So… yeah. I dig it!

Coke Bust "Leave Me Behind"
Coke Bust "Sick of Routine"


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  1. Carlos says:

    I've downloaded some album from them which I've found on internet but didn't check it. If songs would be a little longer it would maybe be even better because as quickly as some good parts appear they disappear. But guess this is "oldschool" way. :)

  2. Andy says:

    in your face, no bullshit. very much appreciated!

  3. Wooderson says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the whole powerviolence vibe being present. It's not "Despised You" but it's definitely a lot more violent than your standard 80s influenced hardcore band.

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