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Decibel Magazine (pretty much the only metal magazine that matters, at this point) was kind enough to ask me for some "best of the year" picks for their blog, so of course I agreed. Here are my six picks, and they had some very kind words about my efforts as well (which I truly appreciate).

An addendum to these picks is up now at Halifax Collect.


  1. Marcus Garvey says:

    "Like most pioneers of form or style, Andrew W., founder and sole proprietor of Aversionline, has never really quite received his due as one of the hands-down finest, most incisive writers on hardcore, metal, and its sundry cross-pollinations."

    Truth above.

  2. Samuli says:

    Nice that you got some recognition. Tell us if that causes any increase of visitors on this site.

  3. Carlos says:

    I'm really happy Andrew that you've received some appraisals from "mainstream" media.

    And I was dead wrong when I assumed that you will list 6 bands I know. I didn't know Krupskaya and Sandokhan (first mentioning on list) before but man I fall in love at first second of the first song on label's Myspace page. I don't remember the last time when grindcore (or other "extreme" music) made me fell like this, probably when Gridlink released Amber Gray. Not to mention that label has also very awesome roster!

    Gold mine! :)

  4. Rob says:

    I was really surprised that I didn't see Make Do and Mend's full length on your list! One of the best recommendations I've gotten from you.


    It's definitely a very good record, but I like the EP's better. I think maybe the full-length is more of a "grower" and I just need a little more time with it.

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