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Unveil "Hypnopaedia" 7"

Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 @ 10:25pm » permalink

Unveil - HypnopaediaThe latest from Take it Back Records (released with the help of Start a Fire Records) is the "Hypnopaedia" EP from Swiss vegan straightedge act Unveil. I must admit that I wasn't familiar with Unveil prior to this, but their approach is certainly one that I would expect from a vegan straightedge band in that it's heavily rooted in the 90's style of metallic hardcore: Chugging midpaced rhythms, pulsing bass grooves, harshly yelled vocals, a few faster tempos that touch on a little more of an old school hardcore influence, etc. So, yeah, I can definitely get on board with this stuff! It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of this style of hardcore, and Unveil seems to have it down. If someone sent me these tracks and claimed it was a rare EP from some obscure European band that came out in the late-90's, I'd totally believe it. Even the recording has elements that remind me of the good old days – especially the bass tone, which has that really plunky and well-defined crispness to it. Awesome. What more can I say? Four tracks, 10 minutes, and fellow fans of this niche should find absolutely nothing to complain about.

Unveil "Pressure"

This one's limited to just 500 copies, 350 on black and 150 on green/black swirl, so vinyl junkies should make the grab while they're still available. I believe each copy comes with a download code as well…


@ Take it Back Records
@ Start a Fire Records


  1. Marcus Garvey says:

    Heard. Ordered. Now waiting for mail… Thanks for the tip.

  2. chuck says:

    Totally in love with this record!

  3. Take It Back says:

    @ Marcus Garvey: Unfortunately, I have not received an E-mail from you. Please write me at takeitbackrecords@googlemail.com. Thanks much. XXX

  4. Marcus Garvey says:

    Got mines today. Does not disappoint. Fast delivery too.

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