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Starve "Wasteland" LP

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010 @ 6:58am » permalink

Starve - WastelandOn the heels of their four-song demo, dingy Dutch doom act Starve is already back with their first full-length outing, "Wasteland" (released by Badger Records), which unloads 10 songs in nearly 50 minutes. All four songs from the demo appear here in re-recorded form, and there's a crisper recording this time out that gives the individual elements a bit more space in the mix – especially the vocals, which are a little more out in front now. Overall they maintain a natural sense of warmth and a thick, gritty density that fits this style perfectly, but now you can really hear the detail in those nasty pulses of bass, and the vocals have an extra smidge of attitude and intensity that provides more emotion to the lyrical delivery. For the most part the songwriting approach is still a fairly straightforward dose of crawling, rumbling sludge with snarling vocals (though the lyrics definitely tend to have more of a serious message with this band), but they are starting to bring in a wider range of tactics. A handful of riffs toss in some extra dissonance (most notably the excellent "Einzelgänger", which feels even more twisted than it did on the demo), occasionally the vocals will open up into a less strained form of yelling, the title track drops some wickedly piercing feedback, and there are a handful of bleak clean passages that flirt with a hint more of a bluesy flavor. Shit, there's even a quick bit of slide guitar in a couple tracks, and any band that breaks out the slide definitely means business! I never feel like I can really make my point with words these days, but hopefully the music will make the point for me…

Starve "Einzelgänger"

My head is full, but my heart is empty. People drive me insane, while I drive myself crazy. I hate everything, and I hate everyone. I long for dreamless sleep. We all die alone. We've heard it from the existentialists. I'll die alone. Just like everyone. But I can never really shake off the loneliness of life…

As with their demo, the band has been kind enough to make the entire album available for free download via their Bandcamp page:

[DOWNLOAD] Starve "Wasteland" (@ Bandcamp)

Of course, if you like what you hear, you should pick up a copy on vinyl, grab a t-shirt, something. Several vinyl variations are available, limited to 500 copies total: 300 on black, 100 on white, and 100 on rusty brown in an alternate sleeve. These guys really have their overall aesthetic on the mark, so pick up an LP while you still can!


@ Starve
@ Badger Records


  1. metalmike says:

    dont sleep on this. Hands down one of the best sludge bands out there today.

  2. Jack says:

    Completely forgot about this band, thank you andrew for jogging the noggin.

  3. m says:

    this is the best "old man speaking over low car engine noise" band that i've ever heard.

  4. This is very intriguing indeed.

    Surely not "just" sludge, if this song is anything to go by.

  5. m says:

    "I hate everything, and I hate everyone." – yes, it's nu sludge

  6. R says:

    I'm starting to get the feeling someone in the band slept with m's girlfriend/sister/mother.

  7. m says:

    what did the existentialists have to say about that?

  8. jamie says:

    had the pleasure of playing with these gents in Holland a few weeks back and the record really doesn't do them justice, they absolutely flatten live. The guitars seem so tame compared to seeing them in a small room. Great record, good people, fully backed

  9. Chris says:

    Love the dude's snarl. Provides a nice juxtaposition to those southern fried riffs, yet still feels at home, and fits the lyrics perfectly. He's got a killer variety going on too. Love how this stuff seamlessly moves from sludge to blues to doom and back again, all the while retaining an undercurrent of desperation to it. Killer, passionate shit all around.

  10. Jack says:

    You know… The demo sounds beefier and better put together than this, frankly this is really not very good.

    I'd like to see them live and I trust DL dude's opinion, ps man your band and material RULE.

  11. Jack says:

    Ps chris man, what fucking southern riffs? I just hear Iron monkey/EHG.

  12. Marcus Garvey says:

    Really enjoying this. They do an effective Nina Simone cover here too.

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