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Length of Time/Santa Karla split 7"

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 @ 9:10am » permalink

Length of Time/Santa Karla - splitI was incredibly psyched to learn of this split 7" from Thirty Days of Night Records, because UK act Santa Karla impressed me with their last EP, and despite being a longtime fan, I had no idea whatsoever that Belgium's Length of Time was still active!? Talk about good news! Length of Time kicks things off with two completely furious new tracks that are jam packed with loads of tremolo picking, Slayer-esque leads, and their immediately recognizable combination of screaming and unique singing. This is quite possibly their most explosive and immediately in your face material since "Approach to the New World" – though, as always, they still toss in a few twists and turns via darker, more discordant midpaced breaks, atmospheric samples, etc. Awesome. Santa Karla then cranks out two new tracks of their own, fusing more straightforward hardcore chord progressions and awesome, pounding basslines with harsher, noisier textures and just a touch of melody. The raging vocal screams really amp up the intensity of their approach, and they once more leave me curious to hear more. Here are a couple of quick excerpts to give you a taste of what this split has in store:

Length of Time "War Martyrised World" (excerpt)
Santa Karla "Plague Host" (excerpt)

I believe the vinyl is limited to a mere 500 copies, 100 on black (only available in a bundle), 200 on yellow, and 200 on brown, and every purchase comes with a download code. I think many of the label's releases are on iTunes, so this one might pop up there sometime soon as well. Don't sleep on it if you want a copy, though, as I'm sure they'll be gone sooner than later!


@ Thirty Days of Night Records (brown vinyl)
@ Thirty Days of Night Records (yellow vinyl)
@ Thirty Days of Night Records (black/brown/yellow vinyl)


  1. John says:

    TDON are killing it with there new releases! Cant wait to here both sides of the split 7"

  2. mike says:

    There are plans for LOT full-length album as far as I know. They are definately back on the track, playing shows and shit.

  3. Jack says:

    Terrible label.


    Aaannnddd once again Jack comes through with a ludicrous comment that makes no sense. Any label that's dealt with Length of Time, Integrity, and Rot in Hell = not terrible.

  5. John says:

    Jack set up your own label then.

  6. John says:

    Not forgetting November Coming Fire,Gold Kids,Oathbreaker,Dead Swans,Burning Love,Red Stars Parade,Lonewolves

  7. ryan says:

    I would start Blasphemour Records back up just to release Length Of Time.

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