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v/a "7.17" compilation 7"

Posted on Monday, August 30th, 2010 @ 6:34am » permalink

v/a - 7.17 - compilationEarlier this summer, Hellfish put together the extremely limited edition "7.17" compilation 7" – featuring new and exclusive tracks from Vegas, Gehenna, Unreal City, and Integrity – to commemorate the rare event of all four bands performing together in Anaheim, CA on 7/17/2010. The release seemed to come completely out of nowhere, and that's almost literally the case, as there was only about a month from the time the idea was conceived until the label had the finished product on hand (Apparently the Gehenna track was turned in at the pressing plant – how's that for cutting it close!?).

Vegas kicks things off with "Verklingen" (an awesome, dead-on cover of Integrity's "Fading Away"), followed by Gehenna's "I'll Always Say Forever" – which includes repetitious, plodding riffs and pounding percussion behind surprisingly well-spliced samples. Unreal City's "Oath" then begins with a similarly pulsing intro of percussion/distorted bass before breaking into one of their more energetic compositions, made up of the same driving power chords and melodic leads you'd expect. Integrity closes things out with "+Orrchida": Another short, raw burst of explosive material that really hits the spot. I'm not sure if the song title is supposed to be any kind of reference to G.I.S.M.'s Randy Uchida, but Integrity guitarist Robert Orr's work during the second solo is certainly reminiscent of Uchida's killer little dual-guitar harmonies, so… who knows!?

This was a one-time pressing of just 300 copies – 100 on black vinyl with covers screened in white ink (sold exclusively through Hellfish), 100 on black vinyl with covers screened in red ink (sold only at the show), and 100 on green vinyl with covers screened in silver ink (available only through the bands). There were also 12 box sets that included one of each color of vinyl inside a 7" mailer wrapped in twine, with the art screenprinted onto the mailer itself. Obviously this thing is pretty much sold out in all forms, but it's been said that the label still has a select few copies hanging around. So… if you'd like to get your hands on one, send an email to graceoftheunholy@gmail.com and see what happens…

As is often the case these days, Integrity has made their contribution available for free download, so you can grab that song here (scroll down), but I'm breaking convention and not posting excerpts from the other tunes. None of 'em have leaked out or been released by the bands yet, and I don't wanna be the guy to ruin the mystique of this release!


  1. Jack says:

    So if we're not Hellfish fanboys how the hell are we meant to hear this? 4 poxy songs.

  2. Steelgrooves says:

    Great record, I have all three versions.

  3. nick brewer says:

    bought it as soon as it came out ! hot wax !

  4. James says:

    I was lucky enough to snag a copy from the label. Great little obscure record.

  5. Wooderson says:

    I want this…bad!

  6. Francis says:

    I'm really proud to be a part of this gem, doing the artwork. Wish I could have been there though having a copy of each version eases the pain, fangs Dwid & Jav.

  7. Marsel says:

    wish i could get the other songs from this…

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