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Foreseen "s/t" 7"

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010 @ 6:45am » permalink

Foreseen - s/tHere's some more absolutely amazing metallic hardcore from Finland, via Helsinki's Foreseen (and the increasingly awesome German label Take it Back Records). This material's in more of a late-80's/early-90's NYHC crossover style, so you can expect vicious breakdowns, scorching solos, and top-notch riffs that balance a midpaced hardcore crunch with raging thrash metal. A lot of current hardcore bands seem to be drawing inspiration from these types of influences right now, but many of 'em tend to fall into the rut of sticking with the chugging, midpaced power chords – which often results in one-sided releases that can leave you feeling somewhat unsatisfied. That's not the case with Foreseen at all. These guys definitely have an edge in that there's a hell of a lot more energy to their riffs and arrangements, which really hits the spot. There's nothing about their overall sound that really breaks the mold (and I'm very much fine with that), but their higher quality songwriting/musicianship really stands out and leaves a mark. You just can't argue with this brand of explosive, fast-paced rhythms and tight picking patterns. I'm totally loving this shit and can't wait to hear more from this band. Excellent.

Foreseen "Contrast's Clear"

The record's in the pre-order stage at the moment, and should ship around mid-September. Every copy will come with an mp3 download code, so you can't lose. Pick one up if you like what you hear!


@ Take it Back Records


  1. Pim says:

    Good stuff. Looking forward to hopefully play some shows with them in March/April.

  2. Carlos says:

    Good song!

    Looks like 90s HC is still worshiped by so many bands which is good as some of them aren't just copy cats.

    Btw, Andrew, did you hear that Swans will release new album in September?

    You can hear one song from newest album here:


  3. Mirko says:

    Yo. Foreseen recorded a couple of new songs. Check one of them from here: http://foreseen.bandcamp.com .Foreseen/Upright split 7" coming soon!

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