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1.6 Band "The Checkered Pasts of All Kings Present" 7"

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 @ 5:34am » permalink

1.6 Band - The Checkered Pasts of All Kings PresentI was unfortunately late to finally checking out the 1.6 Band (who originally called it quits way back in 1993), as it was just within the last two years that I picked up and was thoroughly impressed by their Gern Blandsten-released discography collection, "Broke Up". So imagine my shock when I learned that the band had gotten back together for some live performances, and was even releasing a new 7" on Metastasis Records!? The new material pretty much picks up right where they left off, with that hard-to-categorize foundation of hardcore roots (members have also been involved with Beyond and Die 116, among others) loaded up with quirky, technical riffing that flirts with everything from progressive to indie to noise rock. There are definitely some caustic, loosely chaotic elements to the guitar work and off-the-wall drumming, but there's also just the right balance of curious dissonance and odd melodic sensibilities. Combine that with vocals that aren't particularly aggressive at all, and the overall vibe of the material really shifts away from any pre-defined genres. It's awesome that well over a decade later these guys still have their own immediately recognizable aesthetic that remains unique compared to most of what's out there. Hopefully they'll keep working on new material, 'cause their killer musicianship and unexpectedly catchy songwriting never fail to grab my attention. Good stuff.

1.6 Band "The Pets Still Think He's Coming Back"

The band and label have been awesome enough to make the entire 7" available for free download, so you can grab the whole EP here:

[DOWNLOAD] 1.6 Band "The Checkered Pasts of All Kings Present" (@ MediaFire)

That being said, physical copies of the 7" are available for a mere $5ppd in the US, so vinyl junkies and fans looking to show some support should absolutely pick one up.


@ Metastasis Records

Definitely track down the "Broke Up" collection as well if you like what you hear. Highly recommended!


  1. Nick says:

    That is fucking awesome!

  2. j fuckin w says:

    Pretty incredible!
    Last half is where shit def picks up.
    Live they came off alot different than the new recording, which does sound like what you'd expect.
    Bass seems somewhat inactive on new stuff though which almost makes me think its a different dude. ?

  3. m says:

    this is really awesome. i used to listen to these guys all the time

  4. m says:

    btw, die 116, another band that deserved more recognition.

  5. j fuckin w says:

    m said:

    May 25th, 2010 @ 2:41 pm
    btw, die 116, another band that deserved more recognition.


  6. Jack says:

    You had me at die 116.


  7. Jack says:

    Not going to be able to stop playing this.

  8. j fuckin w says:

    Wait. Who from Die 116 is in 1.6 anyway?
    never knew this.
    oh…early on maybe. short-lived though.

  9. Carlos says:

    I agree with my predecessors.

    As always, hope that they will release something on CD. :)

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