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Momentum "Fixation, at Rest" CD

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 @ 7:00am » permalink

Momentum - Fixation, at RestI was introduced to Icelandic metal band Momentum a few weeks ago thanks to Birkir at Halifax Collect, and their latest full-length, "Fixation, at Rest", has just been released by Molestin Records. Apparently the band started out as a one-man black metal project, but they've obviously come a hell of a long way, and this must be their most progressive outing to date. They're working with quite a wide range of influences: From soft singing and relaxed clean passages with tactful post-rock atmospheres somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead to a Neurosis-esque level of completely crushing heaviness characterized by intense vocal layering over discordant, staccato bursts, monstrous power chords, and subtle layers of additional sound texture. I hate to keep comparing them to other bands (though keep in mind that these are just points of reference), but they remind me of a more aggressive and expansive City of Ships as well. But all of this is spiced up by peculiarly winding little twists and turns filled with somber melodies, not to mention the diversity of all the vocal stylings, so there are a number of elements herein that push the band towards their own individual approach. The songwriting is extremely impressive, too. They obviously pay a lot of attention to transitions, dynamics, and musicianship. There are a number of jaw-droppingly awesome moments where surprisingly excellent singing and lighter fare explode into huge surges of truly moving, high-impact metal. Very much recommended. This is one of those effectively ambitious albums that I would expect to be extremely well-received by all of the bigger metal magazines were the band on a fairly known record label, so I hope the record's somewhat more obscure nature doesn't see it slip by under the radar. Do your part and spread the word if you like what you hear!

Momentum "The Conduits Lead"

…in these cold days, our primitive ways bring us to our knees. Right, towards the end. Wrong, we shall pretend. As for those colors who have not turned to gray, in time they will surely fade away. In the darkness his eyes could see through all the pain and misery. His hope consists of what might be.


Record Records (CD)
Gogoyoko (mp3)


  1. Birkir says:

    One of the top 3, if not the top metal album I've heard this year. Awe inspiring.


    I'm shocked and disappointed that no one else has commented on this one. I'll never understand what gets comments and what doesn't…

  3. Birkir says:

    Happens all the time, I guess. Sometimes you post mind blowing stuff and there's just e-silence hehehe.

  4. Birkir says:

    Although I have to say, people might be appreciating the song you posted a great deal, and noting down the band as a result of your review, even though they aren't commenting. Hell, I never ever get any comments to my reviews. Still a bunch seems to read according to my stat counter.

  5. Jack says:

    Description sounds fantastic, but in answer to your question, because as of late, it's been all retreaded metal/lardcore dirge.

    So I tend to stay away & bite my tongue, for fear of offending you.

    I would love to hear this.

    Andrew man, have you heard new Castevet yet?


    I love how you turn one or two bands out of the last few weeks of posts into "all retreaded metal/lardcore dirge" (whatever the hell that means).

    And no. Haven't heard the Castevet, but I'll absolutely be ordering it shortly after it hits the streets.

  7. Birkir says:

    Castevet is fantastic.

  8. val says:

    thanks to you i actually tracked this down and think it fantastic. you CAN d/l from gogoku from the US. you just have put in an app and they get back to you in a couple days.

  9. Jack says:

    What nice people, that's awesome.

  10. Birkir says:

    Yeah, you can sign up and get the application and that way you can stream this record and dozens of others for free on Gogoyoko. It's neat.

  11. merrick says:

    guuuuuuhhhh, i gotta get this. ive only heard a couple songs, but it got me myspacing the band. i dont do shit like that

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