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Red Vienna "s/t" CD

Posted on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 @ 6:33am » permalink

Red Vienna - s/tThis self-released, self-titled six-song EP is the debut from Canadian outfit Red Vienna, and it really hit the spot for me right away. As usual, I'm not entirely sure how you'd accurately classify this material since it's a little outside of my general listening habits. I guess maybe alternative rock with a little bit of shoegaze fuzz and hints of that dark/somber "new wave" type of edge? I don't know. And I don't care, either, 'cause the songwriting is absolutely fucking awesome. Expect softer, more spacious passages centered around thick, pulsing basslines while washes of hard-panned guitars bounce chords and notes off of one another; harder-hitting and more rocked out power chords that boast unexpected dashes of heaviness; and loads of riffs that throw in killer melodies and vocal hooks. I'm such a sucker for catchy songs, and a number of these tracks touch on that rare quality where you're able to start singing along before the song's over on the first listen. I love that, and am really wanting to hear more from this band pronto. Very much recommended. I'm seriously flipping out over how catchy some of this stuff is. Here's an example of just how damn great these tunes can be:

Red Vienna "The Best Words"

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  1. floodwatch says:

    Wow, the vocalist is a fucking dead ringer for Andy Cairns of Therapy?. Not bad.

  2. Karl J says:

    I really enjoyed this – thanks for the tip, as usual. Bandcamp has really been kicking ass lately for me. Like anything, you have to wade through some shit, but the gems have been stunning lately.

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