Lighthouse Project "Lust for Lie" 7"

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Lighthouse Project - Lust for Lie"Lust for Lie" is the latest from Helsinki, Finland's Lighthouse Project – a three-song, nine-minute 7" EP released by The Hood Took Us Under Records. This material sees the band continuing to progress and is easily their most powerful work to date, offering everything from throbbing midpaced rhythms and slick, pulsing bass runs to fuzzy melodic riffs, angular bends, and the darker, more dissonant fare of stunning closer "Choosing My Confessions" (which seems to contain some lyrical nods to R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion"). And then there are the energetic power chords and noisy, chaotic leads of "Musta Jumala" (a cover song by classic Finnish hardcore/punk act Terveet K├Ądet, though I'm honesty not that familiar with their work). All of this is delivered with a warm, natural sounding recording that has just the right amount of punchy heaviness balanced with raw bite, so everything falls into place nicely. It seems rare for bands to display continual growth from release to release these days, but Lighthouse Project never fails to catch my attention with their tweaks and improvements. "Lust for Lie" is a highly effective EP, and if they continue in this vein I'd like to see them start to turn a few more heads out there for sure. Good stuff…

Lighthouse Project "Choosing My Confessions" (excerpt)

Get in touch with the band and/or the label using the MySpace links above to inquire about ordering information, as I'm not seeing this one available at any distros just yet!


  1. Jake says:

    Amazing band, amazing release.

  2. Birkir says:

    Damn. So much good stuff happening in Finland.

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