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Ashberry - ResinI believe "Resin" was the debut release from unusual Turkish label Wounded Wolf, and that's about all the background information I have to go on here. I know nothing about Ashberry whatsoever, and looking around online produced no information of value. That being said, Ashberry seems to be – as far as I'm concerned – an experimental noise project that explores stripped down ambient textures in a manner that, while not as dark and somber as I tend to prefer, is rather effective in creating an interesting atmosphere. Here's a bit of what the label has to say about the release:

"Resin" investigates one's relationship with the landscape and creates a sonic architecture of space, landscape and the natural surroundings as if the musicians themselves were raised from the soil, where bowed strings were the winds and pianos were little glimmerings of life. Recordings were made quite silently to give space and sound to the surrounding which appears from place to place along with a little amount of found and recorded sounds of fields, especially the places inspired and embodied with the music.

That's a very accurate representation of what you'll hear in these three lengthy compositions (exceeding seven minutes apiece), as shimmering piano notes and resonantly plucked strings fall into place amidst soft hums and drones or subtly identifiable field recordings from various natural settings, while the abstracted bow work creates smatterings of tension scattered throughout. There's a soothing, relaxed feeling to a lot of the sounds, which I'm sure might sound cheesy to some, but it's much more genuine than any kind of generic "new age" bullshit or whatever. I don't know, it's a curious release from a curious label, and I find it all rather intriguing, so see what you think:

Ashberry "And They Came in the Form of Rain" (excerpt)

As is often the case in the experimental noise realm, this release is limited to a mere 25 copies that come in hand-made packages that are personalized for each recipient. So, if this is your thing, pick one up now before they're all gone for good!


@ Wounded Wolf

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  1. Carlos says:

    I bought all 3 releases WW have in store. These are probably most unique packaged (and limited) audio albums I have ever bought. Haven't listen all yet but I'm planing to do this…

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