Creepout/Integrity "Love is… the Only Weapon" split 7"/CD

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Creepout/Integrity - Love is... the Only Weapon - splitReleased by Japanese label Juke Boxxx Record in honor of their three-date tour of Japan a little over three weeks ago, this split sees Creepout teaming up with the almighty Integrity for a handful of new tunes per band. Creepout kicks things off with three songs (one of which is a CD-only bonus track) of no frills metallic hardcore with a good balance of moderately fast power chords and crunchy midpaced breaks with gruff vocals. There's some slightly metal-based riffing thrown in here and there for good measure, but for the most part they keep things super stripped down and traditional, based around a NYHC style that has perhaps a little Clevo tinge throughout some of the slower rhythms. Integrity then follows with "Love is the Only Weapon… Let the Night Roar", which is basically two tracks in one, transitioning from a somber clean intro to plodding power chords layered with lots of chaotic lead bursts and divebombs. Then, after a brief interlude of pulsing dark ambient throbs, everything breaks open into a combination of pounding, "Systems Overload" styled runs and an almost black metal-esque riff that makes for a pretty interesting blend. The recording's a little rawer than anything I've heard from the band as of late, but that could be an intentional experiment given the rugged thickness of the mix and the way the percussion has a strangely crisp yet distant sheen happening. The two Septic Death "karaoke" covers from the split 7" with AVM are included as a bonus on the CD version, as is a lengthy unlisted experimental noise track. Killer lyrics and some badass inner sleeve artwork from Integrity as well!

Creepout "Cornered"
Integrity "Love is the Only Weapon… Let the Night Roar"*

*The Integrity link above is for a .zip archive of the entire track via, for a limited time only.

The 7" is limited to just 340 copies, with the CD coming in a little higher at 666 copies pressed, though both may be hard to come by. The link below is for the label's webstore, which will be fairly useless unless you can read Japanese. But it looks like Dwid has one copy of the CD and a few 7"s for sale on eBay, and should be adding more such auctions in the future…


@ Juke Boxxx Record (CD)


  1. Carlos says:

    don't want to be sounding lick fucking prick but can't they make at least one page in english or put email on a place where could people easily found it. I know that this suppose to be hardcore label but fuck that if I can't order the one CD… It don't take much time nowadays to translate the text to english. I don't support english as "universal" language but most of the people understand it and would be much easier to order something…


    I remember one time many years ago I emailed a label in Japan about placing an order and was told they "couldn't" sell to the US. Never did understand what that meant exactly, but it's definitely a shame that it can be so incredibly hard to get stuff from Japan!

  3. thoren says:

    i preordered this record from Jukeboxxx Records in August. I have yet to receive it in the mail yet. I ordered the most expensive and faster shipping option, too. They haven't answered any of the messages I sent in October or November either, inquiring about the release.

    Terrible customer service.

  4. Dan says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! Thank you for posting the full Integrity track. It sounds like it's quite a hassle to order the CD, so I appreciate you making it available.

  5. Kunihyde says:

    I still have some copies in CD. If you wanna buy it, e-mail me!

  6. Carlos says:

    I once ordered once CD from Japan which was sold out everywhere else (have big luck). I've received in around 3 days. I don't remember if I get CDs from Europe so fast, maybe from neighbor countries.

    The second experience is quite funnier. I was searching for CDs of Ironside. I found one Japan label that still has it. They replied me after one month. Sent another mail. Around month has passed and I then another mail :)

    Hardcore labels tried to be different than "big" corporations. But what some lack is creating good relation with customer. I can imagine that some guy dressed in black is sending out the orders, his main quote is "our life is pain", "we suffer", etc. I know that most of that kind of guys ain't paid but come on you can at least reply to mail, put few hours into editing the page, etc. I sell some CDs from time to time and I know I wouldn't have the time to "manage" the record shop but I don't want to do this because I won't be 100% with the thing. It takes a lot of time, energy and money but it's your decision…

  7. it so much more to complain about mailorder, lets just forget that these songs are available for free download from the bands, label,aversionline. . . maybe we think about music instead of complain? music from both bands is very violent and destroy.

  8. Jack says:

    Thankyou for posting the songs, much appreciated.

  9. jangbi08 says:

    I'm a fan of your blog all the way from Korea! I'm really looking out for the release of The Blackest Curse. This song in this 7inch Kicksass!

  10. Marcus says:

    Hey Andrew (or anybody else) :

    The post refers to the songs on the Blind to Faith pre-order bonus 7" as "karaoke" covers… so how did this come about? I thought those sounded weird for Integrity recordings, but have never seen any other info on them. Were there masters somewhere that Dwid just put his own vocals over? What's the deal?

  11. Drew says:

    Japan is strange. I spent 3+ years there, and the copying or attempts at copying other bands is crazy. I loved the scene, because I could go to quite a few shows. I actually put out a CD there. I remember one band telling me how much they liked Section 8 from Albany, NY. The singer emphasized, "I REALLY like them." Their next release came out and totally tried to emulate the style. That's all Creepout is doing. And these bands are sooo on the dicks of any US band that tours there (I know, this sounds cool and all – but it goes way too far – you'd have to witness it). They're like giddy school girls when in the midst of peeps like the singer for Ensign (sorry don't know his name), Rick Ta Life, Roger M, and Ezec. Ezec had his own clothing line there a while back, NYHC boutique type stuff. Wanna pay 45 bones for a tshirt? Most of those labels don't wanna sell to the US because shipping is silly, and prices over there are outta hand. HardCore CD prices have started to come down over the years, but by coming down I mean like to $15-$17, for an EP!

  12. Will says:

    Drew- How does overpriced NYHC boutiques in Japan have anything to do with this particular record? Creepout are an awesome band, if you dont like their music, then dont listen to it.

  13. Tom Kunsman says:

    If you guys are looking to order the CD, CD Japan MIGHT still have some. I just ordered a CD from them.

  14. i want this so bad on cd and 7" but i don't have a credit card i'll wait i'm going to baltimore on the 9th so we'll see what happens

  15. Will says:

    I heard the 7" is sold out. They should make a US pressing of this record. hopefully someone from the bands will read this suggestion! ;)

  16. Drew says:

    Will- Creepout are alright, and the songs on this 7 are decent, but I guess after living over there and seeing so many bands trying to carbon copy certain sounds — I want to voice my opinion on the subject. Hardcore has fucked me up in that way. It's something I can't shake.

  17. Will says:

    Drew- i can see what you mean. here in the USA hc is the same, everyone has their influences and some take their influences too far and end up almost a cover band. I really Iike a lot of japanese hc stuff and i actually think that they dont sound like bands from USA at all. But the japanese bands i like best are more of the punk-hardcore styled bands.

  18. Carlos says:

    Drew there are many records in Europe that are selling for 15€ which is around 21$ sooo…. The Americans are always complaining about the prices but come to Europe someday and you will see the difference. Not to mention the salary differences. Most of the people can't cover their monthly costs with their salaries. The Japan is unique in some way but hey that's the world…

  19. Mark says:

    Any news as to when the new Integrity full-length is supposed to be released?

  20. Tom Kunsman says:

    Don't recall if Dwid mentioned it during the Baltimore show or not. They have some new songs on their Myspace page, so maybe someday soon??

  21. superchargedyetti says:

    lissen up you indigent fucksticks stop riding the sweaty nuts of this two bit heavy metal band and endulge your pathetic lives with some real classic cleveland hardcore, FACE VALUE! featuring legendary frontman, TONY ERBA! buy the FACE VALUE discography CD NOW!!!!

  22. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Two-bit heavy metal = better than two-bit "rawk".

    Plus, I already did a big write-up on that Face Value discography, thank you very much.

  23. Ordered this CD in the beginning of January directly from Creepout. After several mails,execuses and promises still didn't receive it. Hope this post is a warning for all of you who want to order from them.

  24. Dimi says:

    CD still available at CDJapan. Follow this link:

    I ordered mine on June 6 and got it in the mail this morning (June 14). Pretty fast delivery if you ask me!!

  25. Maurice Human Demise says:

    Received the cd with 2 extra ones finally a couple of weeks ago. So thanks goes out to Creepout. Integrity song is awesome!

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