Damages "Scars" 7"

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Damages - Scars"Scars" is the debut two-song EP from Canadian act Damages (on Clue #2 Records, and soon to be released by Deaf Cult in Europe), which the label accurately describes as "early Discord/Ebullition sounds mixed with Touch and Go style noise rock". And it rules. The compositions are driven by absolutely massive basslines and crisp drumming surrounded by jangly, angular guitar riffs that use very little distortion, while the vocals fall to the distance and jump from speaking to straight up shouting/yelling. The recording's stripped down and loaded with low-end, the songwriting's memorable and carries both energy and emotion, the lyrics are solid, etc. The whole EP is barely over seven minutes long and I'd fucking love to hear from this band immediately. I don't get exposed to this style very often, but I'd love to hear more bands nailing it as well as Damages. Great work. Awesome.

Damages "Gears" (excerpt)

…I grow further and faster away from something significant, and nothing scares me more. The choices I've made have turned into my regrets and I wish I had the strength to turn these gears to make this machine run.

As is (thankfully) becoming so common, the vinyl will contain a download code for mp3's of the release, so definitely pick one up if this is your thing…


@ Clue #2 Records
@ Deaf Cult (pre-order)


  1. Jack says:

    Have you heard the other Damages? snarling hardcore.

  2. Rusty says:

    Just ordered from Clue #2. I second the AWESOME comment.

  3. Moz says:

    Wow, good lookin out! This is really cool gonna have to order me one.

  4. YES! Check the new 7" "Unrequited" on React! Records. Believe it or not, they've gotten even better.

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