Rise and Fall "Our Circle is Vicious" CD/LP

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Rise and Fall - Our Circle is Vicious"Our Circle is Vicious" is the latest (and greatest) from Belgium's Rise and Fall (once more from the always top-notch Deathwish Inc.), offering up 10 tracks of the band's most focused material to date in a little under a half-hour. First and foremost, with the help of the mighty Kurt Ballou the band has finally nailed a recording that completely kicks ass and gives their material the extra punch it needed. They've thickened things up while retaining that veil of gritty texture, and the way the massive density of the bass fills in all the cracks so perfectly just blows my mind. Everything about this record sounds fuckin' incredible, and really draws you in right off the bat. But while I say this is the band's most focused album, it's also their most diverse. The overall base is still made up of scathing vocals over relatively straightforward metallic hardcore/punk rhythms with a little bit of a crusty edge, but while they'll often bust out that driving, unexpectedly rocked out sense of energy with their chord progressions, there are a hell of a lot more slow-paced tempos exploring darker, dissonant riffs and some restrained breathing room here. They can get a really throbbing heaviness goin' on, and seem to flirt with an almost hypnotic sense of repetition from time to time while experimenting with different dynamics and textures (rather than beating you over the head with a singular approach). So, basically what I'm trying to say is that while Rise and Fall's foundation may be stripped down metallic hardcore/punk, they're starting to bury those roots with much more adventurous and atmospheric fare, but they're doing so in a way that makes sense and is still tied to their past efforts. There's a lot going on, though, so as always you've really got to hear for yourself to make your own decisions…

Rise and Fall "Built on Graves"

Definitely make the grab if you like what you hear. The vinyl comes with a download code, and if money's tight or for some reason you don't care about the physical product, the label's now selling super cheap mp3 downloads as well. You can't lose…


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  1. Samuli says:

    I was hoping a bit more diverse approach on on vocals, but this still was definitely worth all the wait. Some slower songs remind me of November Coming Fire. I got into this band after seeing them live and can't wait to hear these new songs live as well.

  2. Christian says:

    This is really good!

  3. Marcus says:

    I love this record, but there's no way it tops "Into Oblivion"

  4. Jack says:

    This is the thing… people are getting into them when seeing them live, it's like they're known but people just do not give a rat's arse until they're forced to see them with some band like Have heart or some other terrible bridge nine band that's pushed on the youth.

    I love this record, it does everything I want it to, the amen ra tinges really make it.

  5. MarkusxKTL says:

    This has been one of the worst dissapointments for me this year, not to say it's a bad record or anything. I can't get into that fact that those slower songs make R&F sound like Modern Life Is War (and i like MLIW). I dunno if someone can hear Amen Ra here, yeah they got that almost newer Neurosis-Isis -thing with them slover songs. Hard, heavy and dirty -sound hasn't faded though, witch is great and recording is really good. Either i don't say they should have made another Into Oblivion of Hellmouth. Anyhow i'm gonna keep on listening Our Circle Is Vicious and try to get more out of it.

  6. shoaloah says:

    Couldn't really get into this band until this record. The more I listen to it,the more I like it, especially the slower parts. Production is infinitely better. I'm also able to get into the first two LPs more ever since I got this one.

    P.S. Andrew, check out the new Abraxis if you haven't yet!

  7. Justin says:

    I generally dislike Deathwish hardcore but this is pretty solid and interesting. Good progression from their last record, at least based on this song.

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