Wrnlrd "Myrmidon" LP

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Wrnlrd - Myrmidon"Myrmidon" is the latest full-length effort from prolific, one-of-a-kind black metal outfit Wrnlrd (once more released by the ever-curious Flingco Sound System), and within seconds it becomes clear that the band's production values are continuing to improve, as this may well be the first time I've ever been able to clearly discern guitars, bass, drums, and vocals all working together at once in a Wrnlrd track. Their growth towards tangible riffs continues here as well, with some surprisingly fluid, somberly chilling clean passages and straightforward, chunky rhythms. Don't get the wrong idea, though, as the compositions are still loaded with cacophonous layers of additional texture/obfuscation, so while the improvisational nature of Wrnlrd's earlier work has decreased, such elements still play a significant role. A lot of this material seems to be driven by a pulsing rhythmic core that becomes surrounded by completely fucked up chord phrasings, all kinds of mangled leads, subtle samples, and a much wider range of vocals – where those obscured, gurgling grunts/growls are frequently joined by or give way to chant-like moans, haunting wails, and even some actual singing. Wrnlrd's music is so unique and bizarre that there's no possible way to effectively communicate what you're hearing with mere words – especially now that every element is audible and there's even more going on. So I'm gonna stop trying and let the excerpts below do the talking. This is absolutely the band's most ambitious work to date, and it's refreshing to see/hear such obvious progression with each subsequent release, as all too many artists are content to stagnate and repeat rather than challenging themselves (and the listener).

Wrnlrd "Diamond" (excerpt)
Wrnlrd "Girl" (excerpt)

Remembering your last expression my face to the street like an instrument of measuring pain long forgotten I feel you slipping naked through the faint and dying ring of some ancient combat whispering "now he's gone" in the echoes of the infinite black engines of hell…

Vinyl purchases come with a download code, and the album's available digitally for inexpensive prices if you can't afford the physical LP, so…


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@ The End Records (LP)
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  1. Wow, actual riffs! I will have to investigate further.

  2. Moz says:

    I really dig Wrnlrd's music and I've been meaning to score a copy of this record for a minute but the label is charging fucking crack prices for the vinyl and I have a hard time paying tangible money for intangible data files. Maybe santa will bring it.

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