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Process of Guilt - Erosion"Erosion" is the second full-length effort from Portugal's Process of Guilt (once more released by Major Label Industries), which unloads another 55+ minutes of their extremely impressive brand of emphatic doom. And they're certainly not one of those bands that's all about playing oppressively heavy and slow just for the sake of it. Utilizing warm, organic production values and lots of shifts in dynamics within their generally lengthy compositions, there are plenty of thick, dark, crushingly heavy rhythms with bashing percussion and guttural vocals, but these moments are constantly punctuated by melodic pulses of bass, killer little winding dissonant riffs, droning lead runs, and soft clean passages. There are also some "speedier" rhythms that bring in a chugging, midpaced energy; while some arguably "post-rock" textures (but don't worry, said influences actually have some "oomph" here) seep into the mix on rare occasion to add another layer of atmosphere. But the main factor with Process of Guilt is that there's a real sense of emotion in place that I tend to find this genre lacking. It really makes a hell of a difference in the overall impact of the material when you can perceive that type of feeling in the songwriting and performances. I think that's what helps differentiate Process of Guilt from many of their peers, and creates more immediate interest in their output. Here's a mere taste of what the album has to offer:

Process of Guilt "Waves (The Circle Part II)"


@ Major Label Industries
@ The End Records


  1. Carlos says:

    awesome band. I'm total douchebag because I still haven't bought the first release Renounce.

  2. Justin says:

    Good stuff! Very gutteral vocals yet they're still discernable and almost tasteful for growls, if that makes any sense. They remind of what Paradise Lost might sound like in 2009 if they continued on with classic style from Gothic but updated it for this decade.

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