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Grief No Absolution "Crypsis/Eurostopodus Argus" 7"/10"

Posted on Thursday, August 27th, 2009 @ 6:56am » permalink

Grief No Absolution - Crypsis/Eurostopodus ArgusI had never heard of the obscure (Australian?) outfit Grief No Absolution prior to receiving a digital download copy of "Crypsis/Eurostopodus Argus" (a limited edition 7" + 10" set) for review from the ever-peculiar Flingco Sound System a few weeks back, and after attempted research I still know next to nothing about him/her/them. Having apparently released nothing prior but the "Hymns" CD-R in 2006 and a split four-disc CD-R with Blarke Bayer Silhouettes last year, this self-described "bleak metal" project with a visual aesthetic 100% suggestive of black metal is actually not metal in any way, shape, or form. The "Crypsis" 7" kicks things off with what basically amounts to about 10 minutes of vicious power electronics: Harsh, blown-out distortion, chaotically overdriven bursts of vocals buried in the mix, the works. The "Eurostopodus Argus" 10" then takes a generally more "subdued" approach by utilizing dark ambient/death industrial drones and longer, hypnotically pulsing compositions. Aside from vaguely recognizable "instrumentation" during 10" track "My Hands are Your Fading Cinder", the entire ordeal is basically straight-up experimental noise, and there's not one hint of a tangible "riff" to be found throughout, so… be not misled. Don't interpret that "warning" as negative commentary, however. I've only recently started to give even half a shit about noise again after an almost four-year "vacation" from that whole scene, but this is an incredibly solid release that's right in line with what I've always been most drawn to about the genre as a whole. I'll be curious to see if productivity now picks up for the unit, and certainly hope it won't be another year or two before new material sees the light of day…

Grief No Absolution "Bewildering Predation"
Grief No Absolution "A Corpse of Intent" (excerpt)

Though available through numerous channels, buying digital downloads direct from the label is dirt cheap and will yield significantly higher-quality files, and the vinyl comes with a digital download code as well. Good stuff…


@ Flingco Sound System (7"/10")
@ Flingco Sound System (mp3)
@ eMusic (mp3)


  1. O Justice says:

    Yeah, it's been a bit since I first discovered Wolf Eyes and harsh noise, but fuck if this doesn't make me want to dive right back in. Where's my Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton…

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    Hey! thanks for this!
    I appreciate the work on this blog, so I'd like to change links with you.
    Lets trade links ;)
    Cheers from Chile!

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