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The Perennial "Dissension"

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 @ 6:47am » permalink

The Perennial - DissensionConnecticut's The Perennial has been around for a year or so, and "Dissension" is their second self-released EP in that time. I had never heard of the band before, but this concise offering cranks out three tracks of extremely promising "metalcore" in barely over nine minutes. At the risk of getting myself "in trouble" with loose comparisons, I'm reminded of a weird Misery Signals meets Extol vibe here – with tactful little dashes of burly, stripped down churning thrown in for good measure. There's a good balance of assorted metal/"metalcore" styles, from subtly thrashy picking patterns and chugging staccato rhythms to tactfully caustic riffing and completely fuckin' badass little spurts of emphatic melody. The killer recording with a really unique and prominent bass tone alongside some viciously textured rhythms certainly doesn't hurt, and – while familiar in general approach – the brute force of the vocals hits the spot for me as well. I don't know, as usual I feel like I should say more, but this shit's over in a flash. There's a good sense of overall impact and a number of absolutely awesome riffs throughout, so… I'd be psyched to hear more from these guys. A full-length is very much in order here!

The Perennial "Bastard Business"

…I cannot close my eyes. Peeled back by the butchers of hell, they now welcome no concession. I'll scratch your names out of the future – a future where men are reasoned by reason and not by profit or prophets…

This is a digital-only release, but the band has been cool enough to make it available for free, and openly encourages sharing it around as a result. There's no excuse not to give it a shot!

[DOWNLOAD] The Perennial "Dissension" (@ The Perennial)


  1. jim fucking winters says:

    haven't heard this yet but…Misery Signals meets Extol?!?

    Don't fucking tease me!

  2. knorkeborke says:

    sounds more like turmoil than ms, but def. good stuff. the programmed drums sound a bit annoying though…

  3. zg says:

    Really good stuff music-wise, but these guys should watch out; Jake Bannon might sue them for cloning the Jane Doe aesthetic for their album cover and Myspace page … hah.

  4. Birkir says:

    Finally. "This kinda band" where you can hear there's a bass player in the line up. This is damn good. Now if the vocalist sounded differently the metal heads would eat this up. I like the Hypocrisy sounding tone in some of the fast riffs.

  5. Dick says:

    This is excellent for a band who's only been around for a year. That said, I kind of think they dropped the ball by not naming themselves "The Perineum."

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