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Nails "Obscene Humanity" 12"

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 @ 5:57am » permalink

Nails - Obscene HumanityI guess "Obscene Humanity" is the debut release from the somewhat mysterious Nails (on Six Feet Under Records) – a three-piece from southern California that's said to boast "a veteran crew of band members and a few sparse but impressive shows under their belt" (apparently one of the guys used to be in Carry On and Terror). But I guess it's just as well that there's not a ton of information about the band out there, 'cause this shit pretty much speaks for itself: Seven tracks of ripping hardcore/punk in less than 11 minutes – jammed with pummeling basslines; raw, hyper-distorted guitars; fiercely shouted vocals; and caustic, noisy leads. Only one song tops two minutes, and it's all a powerful blend of fast-paced power chords, grinding blasts, and subtly metallic chugs. Top it all off with extremely minimal, stripped down cover "art", a handwritten lyric sheet, and that's all she wrote. Great stuff, though. It kicks your ass and calls it a day with absolutely no room for getting bored, and that's a formula that always pays off…

Nails "Disorder"

Despise, disgust, disguised, mistrust. No peace in a paranoid mind. Day in, day out, self doubt, drop out. Eyes open, living blind. Fooled once, fucked twice, rope hung, cut ties. Beat up, broke down, succumb to demise. Embrace the pain – it never ends.


@ Six Feet Under Records (12")
@ Deathwish Inc. (12")
@ RevHQ (12")
@ Amazon.com (mp3)
@ iTunes (mp3)


  1. ben says:

    it's todd jones that's the ex-terror/carry on tag to the band

  2. Blatant says:

    I like the style, but the recording is so godawful I can't hear what's going on.

  3. I really, really like this release. I don't mind the recording, either. It sounds like a very intense live gig.

  4. H says:

    Todd Jones (Blacklisted, Betrayed, Knife Fight, Terror, Carry On, Stand Your Ground, among others) plays guitar in this band and sings.
    John Glue (Ability, All is Fleeting) plays bass.
    Nails now has a new drummer – Taylor from Ruckus, Crematorium, and Fight Everyone.

    Real solid lineup and show. Their set at Sound & Fury was one of the best.

    The recording isn't bad, it's just not over produced like a lot of hardcore stuff out there nowadays.

  5. Russ says:

    love it. sludgey production for this sort of stuff adds to the intensity. this record blew my mind…haven't listened to "metallic" hardcore since the mid to late 90s and 2 of the three last posts totally got me back into it!!!

  6. Jack says:

    Ok… this is where i shit again on the christmas dinner ( I am sorry) Diluted version of 6th rate "crust" condensed and neatly packaged for deathwish/b9 fanboys peddled by hardcore celebrities.

    From members of bands that should know better.

    "obscene humanity" what are they E town concrete?

  7. Jeremy says:

    Only reason people are taking interest in this, is the pedigree of members.


    Seriously? I've never even heard of half the bands mentioned above by "H", and the only three I'd call myself a fan off are Blacklisted, Betrayed, and Terror. Not to mention the fact that none of the band members' names mean anything to me. "Celebrities"? I'd have to disagree there.

  9. Blatant says:

    I wouldn't call it "sludgy." I'd call it unlistenable. Again, I like the style, but I can't discern the parts; it sounds like a cacophony … and not in a good way. I went and listened to the iTunes version just in case there was a glitch w/ Andrew's MP3. No difference.

  10. Jeremy says:

    108 dude is in this Andrew, that Jack guy is kinda right though… nothing special.

  11. H says:

    Celebrities? What the fuck? Just because they've been in other bands?
    This is hardcore. Nobody is somebody.
    I don't care if a band has ex-members of a band I like or not. If I like it, I like it. I was just mentioned the correct info on the current lineup of the band. No big deal.
    All these replies just read like some idiotic rants by B9 posters….huge OOF

    And what do you mean packaged for Deathwish/B9 fanboys? It was released on Six Feet Under Records because Dave Sausage (Blacklisted member who runs SFU) liked it.
    What does that have anything to do with fanboys, Deathwish, or B9?
    The band doesn't have a website, a Myspace, hasn't played anywhere but local shows in Southern California (only DIY venues), and the only "hype" this band has is people who took interest in the band because they saw them live, heard about them from a friend, or heard the song on the Deathwish/SFU comp (as they're on SFU).

    Just because some of their fans haven't listened to every single crust band in the world like Mr. Holier-Than-Thou above doesn't mean that they're not worth listening, no matter who you are.

    & I can tell you for a fact no one in this band gives a fuck what is popular with any fanboys or what's popular with 18 year olds. They don't give a fuck.

    I'm not saying you have to like the music. Certain music is liked by certain people for certain reasons. I'm just saying all these posts by internet cowards attempting to be cool just make them sound retarded.

  12. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Never in a million years would I have expected this post to blow up in the comments like this. Very interesting. You never can predict how people are going to react to things…

  13. m says:

    agreed with Jack. not bad, nothing special either.

  14. Chris says:

    Oooh, "controversy". Makes me love a band almost instantly.

    I, for one, love the production. Sounds dated in the best possible way and fits the style perfectly. Gives the jams that obscure, DIY, don't-give-a-fuck feeling. I'm sure they could've pulled off a big-money sound if they'd wanted to, but as it stands, it sounds just like it should, whether that was intentional or not. Huge production and this style just don't mix, wouldn't sound as "legit". It's like keeping your enduro bike squeaky clear or something.

  15. Jack says:

    "And what do you mean packaged for Deathwish/B9 fanboys?"

    The people who will lap this up… do I have to spell it out for you painstakingly slow in a Barney the dinosaur voice.

    At least Andrew was diplomatic, but you're either IN this band or you're close friends with them.

    and once again Andrew I am sorry, I swear I don't do this on purpose

    "& I can tell you for a fact no one in this band gives a fuck what is popular with any fanboys or what's popular with 18 year olds. They don't give a fuck"

    So why are they trying so hard to achieve sunlight studios sound? when they could just play normally, come on, they saw the interest in trap them and thought hey we should have a a go at this, would be fun.

    You seem awfully het up, PS

    New mammoth grinder RULES.

  16. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I do disagree with you, though, ha, ha. To me they sound more like Talk is Poison or bands of that nature, just with maybe a little more of a thick "crust" kinda thing happening. Though really I didn't make that connection until others here mentioned the term. Or maybe it's like Talk is Poison meets Battletorn!? The whole "scene celebrity" thing is just a complete non-issue for me, and I don't think it applies regardless.

    I'm also completely and totally 100,000% in the dark on your E.Town Concrete comment earlier. Does not compute, ha.

  17. ugh says:

    H: identify yourself. I know you're not in the band but you sound like someone who either knows someone in the band or knows someone who knows someone in the band.

  18. Russ says:

    Well, the only band I saw listed that I've ever sort of been interested in was Knife Fight. I am the furthest thing from a "fan boy". I loved the damn record. One of very few releases that didn't take me 20 listens to "get into". I don't really hear the Deathreat/Talk is Poison sound….I hear an amped up siege or something like that, with some modern chug for good measure.

  19. John says:

    ok, seriously, this band gets mentioned alot, and to be frank they are terribly mediocre. those lyrics however, are downright embarassing. Jack mentioned e town concrete, i think it's more like Ali G.

    despise, disgust, disguised

    realise, real eyes, REAL LIES

  20. Maurice says:

    I fucking love this records and I love the guitar sound.

  21. Casey says:

    I read an interview with Kurt Ballou ( guitarist from Converge and owner of Godsound Studios) and he was going on on how excited he was to produce this bands new album. I can't wait.

    Past the production of the record. This is all subjective. Bottom line, Im into it. I just about moshed my cubicle to Disorder.

  22. InControlfanboy805 says:

    his studio is called godcity. next record is going to be amazing. txj doesn't give a fuck about you.

  23. Stitches says:

    Eh, I don't know about the whole "Todd's trying to be crust" argument. I could see if suddenly these guys came out with bullet belts, shaggy hair, Amebix backpatches on studded jackets, dreads and septum piercings out of the blue, drinking shitty beer and riding beat up ten-speeds all over Oakland. The reality is Nails has a raw sound with dirty production and an almost defiant lack of attention span for artwork. Not sure what the problem is.

  24. Das Firespawn says:

    They kind of remind me of a Left For Dead meets Ice Nine or early Burn It Down. Although, I was a fan of those bands, it's not really sticking with me. Maybe better live?

  25. John Hasson says:

    Saw Nails today at This Is Hardcore, and I can almost guarantee anyone not into their recordings would have been converted. The sound at the Starlight was top-notch, also, so that was a huge plus.

  26. Matti says:

    Sounds too much like trap them.

  27. aaron says:

    I saw this band live not knowing what to expect and they blew my fucking mind. They're intense and definately unique. If you want some straight forward heavy hardcore check out their newest release unsilent death.

  28. aaron says:

    …..and half of you are idiots.

  29. ever hear says:

    ever hear discharge kids?

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