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The Catalyst "Swallow Your Teeth" CD/LP

Posted on Monday, August 10th, 2009 @ 6:41am » permalink

The Catalyst - Swallow Your Teeth"Swallow Your Teeth" is the debut full-length from The Catalyst (from right here in Richmond, VA), freshly released by The Perpetual Motion Machine. Oftentimes when I write about a band like this that's just a little outside of my normal listening realm, I unintentionally annoy people with my own loose references to what they remind me of. So, in this case, the label states that the band is "still channeling a wide range of hardcore, punk, grunge, noise rock, and sludge influences" while remaining unafraid "to show their love for Nirvana, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, The Jesus Lizard, Born Against, and most of the Amphetamine Reptile back catalog". There. Not my words, but I happen to agree 100%. It feels like there are some slightly more tangible riffs here from time to time, carrying along a punchy kind of rocked out vibe that really kicks some ass, but fear not, as there's still a totally frenetic energy throughout. So you can still expect loads of caustic riffing and searing feedback, intense screams/shouts, and super blown-out and textured distortion all over the place (which makes for some especially killer fuzzed-up basslines). I will say, though, that the more restrained sense of melody that opens (and lingers to a lesser degree throughout) "42012" is some of the band's finest work to date, and works shockingly well alongside their core attack. There are a lot of bands out there that take this type of amalgamation of sounds and just turn it into a big ball of obnoxious, noisy shit, but The Catalyst really knows what the hell they're doing. They're somehow able to have this wild and crazy approach and a sense of humor and still mix everything up in a way that has feeling and force. Nicely done…

The Catalyst "Sterling is a Hole"

If you need more convincing, you can go stream the whole damn album over at Scenepointblank. And this fucker's available from the label for just $6 CD/$10 LP, which is obviously a great deal, so definitely pick one up if you like what you hear!


@ The Perpetual Motion Machine (CD)
@ The Perpetual Motion Machine (LP)


  1. paul says:

    Your review of "mariana's trench" not only got me hooked on this great band, but it also helped introduce me to the equally stunning Brainworms (whom they share a split ep with). Judging from what I've heard, "swallow your teeth" will not dissapoint. Thanks.

  2. Christian says:

    Wow, I'm really looking forward to sink my teeth in this one. Played together with them once, great dudes!

  3. John Hasson says:

    This band and this record fucking own.

  4. grist says:

    Didn't pg99 also have a song about how shitty Sterling was? That town must be pretty awful.

  5. Carlos says:

    another awesome band I forgot about…

  6. headrot says:

    Just got my copy of the album – really like it, blends lots of different styles to make somthing , well, nice. Have to say though the production is a bit iffy – perhaps its just my ("lurid purple") vinyl copy, high end hiss throughout – anyone else?!?

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