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90's hardcore compilation bands I'd like to know more about: Vol. 2

Posted on Friday, August 7th, 2009 @ 6:43am » permalink

I'm starting this one off with Cleveland's own Bluto's Revenge, a band that I now know a little about thanks to Google, and though they're more of a punk rock band, I'm including 'em anyway in case anyone reading this has recommendations for me. These cats formed way back in fuckin' 1989 and are apparently still active, which blows my mind. This song is from the mighty "Dark Empire Strikes Back: Cleveland Compilation", and I'm shocked that after years and years of loving that comp, it wasn't until recently that I realized how utterly incredible this song is. From what I can tell it comes from their second full-length, "King of the Popes", released in 1994 (the same year as the compilation), but I can't really tell from the songs on the band's MySpace page what I make of their other material. That being said, this song is so god damn catchy I'm certain the band is worth further investigation, but… I'm wondering if anyone out there more familiar with their back catalog might recommend where best to begin?

Bluto's Revenge "10,000 Heads"

Yet another in the long line of these fuckin' bands whose names render Google completely useless, Cross-Section appeared on the "Over the Edge Compilation Vol. II" in 1996 with one of those great tracks that has an undeniably 90's way of fusing crunchy metallic hardcore with discordant melodies in a weirdly "emo" kind of manner – which this band takes a little further by utilizing some impressive female backup singing. I'm not sure if that aspect of their approach is limited to this track or not, 'cause this is the only song I've heard from 'em, but I'd love to hear more.

Cross-Section "Abandoned"

Also from 1996 is District Five's appearance on "The World is Yours" compilation. Admittedly this isn't an entirely outstanding song, it reminds me a shitload of Downset (which isn't necessarily a good thing) with its hip-hop influenced vocal patterns and blatantly groove-laden rhythms, but despite some rough spots it's a solidly delivered track. So, as someone who's always had an enormous soft spot for bands like E.Town Concrete, of course I find this tune to be promising, and would be curious to hear more if the band ever did anything else.

District Five "Relax"

As always, if anyone has any information on these bands, please post a comment or send me an email. Thanks!


  1. Edwin says:

    I love that Cross-Section song! They were from Syracuse, NY. I also have a 7" of theirs, called 'Abandoned', which features the song as well (different recording though IIRC), good stuff. At least one member went on to Beta Minus Mechanic, who released a record on Revelation Records.

  2. Son Of Man says:

    Was just coming to post that info Edwin.
    Cross section 7" was pretty good, Pete spielman went on to be in beta minus mechanic, t(hink he was in Flakjacket before CS). The male vocalist in CS looked like some weird raver bro, wonder what happened to him!

  3. Fred says:

    I don't know anything about those bands, same for the previous ones, but I just love that series of post, keep up doing this, it's great !

  4. jim fucking winters says:

    RE: Dark Empire comp. Fuck! I wish Outface would've done a 2nd full-length.

  5. Hex says:

    Actually, most of Cross-Section became Beta Minus Mechanic. The male singer (Rob Vanbenscoten) actually did become a raver strangely enough. Cross-Section went through a few female singers before settling on Ina and at that point they just kicked the guy out and became Beta Minus. Over the years Tony would go on and play in like every Syracuse band ever (currently drumming in Night Owls). Jason is now a manager for Merch Now, Pete joined Libertine for a bit and now just kind of hands around Syracuse, Erick did The Farthest Man (with Tony) for a bit… an awesome post-hardcore band fronted by Shane from Framework) before he joined Earth Crisis.
    Ina became a music teacher.

    Cross-Section only did the one 7" "Abandoned" with Significant Records before becoming Beta Minus Mechanic.

    There ya go in an overtly long-winded answer.

  6. Son Of Man says:

    Appreciate the heads up on that stuff Hex…would you happen to know if Flakjacket or bonejack ever recorded demo's?

  7. Carlos says:

    the second song is awesome. great!


    For those who read comments:

    I learned today that District Five was from Cleveland. They released two CD's: "Leap Year" in 1996 and "My Life Through Stereophones" in 1997. There's a MySpace page that may or may not be run by the band at:


    You can actually download "Leap Year" here:


    …thanks to the dude who runs the often killer Path to Misery blog!

  9. Hex says:

    Both Flakjacket and Bonejack did record demos. I don't know too much about them though. I have a demo that's Bonejack on one side and Infusion (pre-Blood Runs Black) on the other.

  10. Dichatomy says:

    Holy shit, I didn't expect to see District 5 on here! A buddy of mine gave me a tape of these guys back in high school, but sadly I no longer have it.

    Okay, I'm not 100% positive that it's District 5 I'm thinking of, but the band I remember was a District (Number). "Bent" and "Visually Glorified" sound very familiar, so there's a pretty good chance that this is them.

    So, assuming my memory isn't failing me, I gotta say thanks for posting this, and thanks to whomever uploaded the album!! And if the off chance that this isn't the same band I'm thinking off, my thanks still remain.

  11. andy harhay/blutos revenge says:

    Thanks for the kind words if you send me a mailing address i will box up our catalog of discs and send them to you. once again thank you.

  12. Rob says:

    I still have a lot of old Bonejack and Cross Section Demos…a long time ago in a galaxy far away I was the lead singer before the ax fell lol.

    • big daddy J. says:

      i have the bonejack "edge of sanity demo" and a cross section 7 inch it features "abandoned" but id love to get a copy of the demo that has "as tears fall…"any chances of getting this gem rob?" throw me an email if you could… thank you beforehand rob…
      sincerily yours- jamie.

  13. ondre says:

    My mom's cousin was in District Five. I lost the CD Leap Year somewhere along the way.
    Glad I found this site. Cheers!

  14. PItz says:

    If possible please upload any/all Cross-Section!!!!! Thanks in advance!

  15. Charles says:

    Thanks for this post. I've been looking for the District Five CD for years now. I sold it about 10 years ago and wanted to get it back. THANKS!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I actually have the old BoneJack demo

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