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Mayday "Staplegun" 10"

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2009 @ 1:45am » permalink

Mayday - StaplegunOddly enough, what I would refer to as the two most criminally underrated hardcore bands of the 90's – Lash Out and Mayday – both had "prominent" (or at least "important") releases on killer German label Stormstrike Records. It's really inexcusable that I've never written about Mayday before, but despite the fact that they were from right here in Virginia, I really don't know a ton about 'em. Maybe that's just as well, though, as they seem to have remained somewhat of a mysterious unit, and the almost total lack of information about the band out there on the web just adds to the intrigue of the recordings they've left behind. But I've been loving all their old records more than ever lately (bordering on worship), so… better late than never.

Probably best known for their "Les 120 Journées de Sodome" split 7" with Integrity, while everything they recorded was fucking outstanding, their final release, "Staplegun" (1995), remains my favorite of the bunch. I'm not sure if Mayday was ever actually referred to as having the "holy terror" sound back in the day, but they most certainly did – right down to the visual imagery and lyrical content – and were significantly ahead of their time in terms of pioneering a completely dark, twisted "metalcore" sound that falls somewhere between the chugging rhythms and abstract subject matter of Integrity and the eerie atmospheric dissonance and sick vocal sneers of Starkweather – and without sounding like either of those bands, I might add. There are just a lot of pulsing rhythms with super thick basslines interspersed with clean passages often accentuated by subtle little noise textures and general weirdness buried deep in the mix… not to mention the maniacal vocal work.

If you've never heard the band before you can't possibly understand how far ahead of the curve they truly were, nor properly determine what to expect. It's just a really creative and powerful sound that puts Mayday in the company of a very select few, so rather than bothering to continue with my fanboy gushing it's probably best for me to shut up and let you hear the goods for yourselves. You can find these tracks online in various spots out there, and I'm pretty sure all this stuff is basically out of print, so here's the whole record:

[DOWNLOAD] Mayday "Staplegun" (@ Mediafire)

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At the time of this recording the band consisted of Lance McLeod (vocals), Rod Melvin (guitar), Gary Fitzgerald (guitar), Carl Sorenson (bass), and Christian Rygh (drums), and I have absolutely no idea what happened to any of these guys after Mayday called it quits. Apparently Lance now owns Devotion Tattoo in Florida, but other than that, your guess is as good as mine. I don't know if anyone went on to perform in other bands or anything. If anyone knows – hell, if anyone has any cool tidbits about this band – please post a comment.

Surprisingly, as of 2004, Stormstrike Records still had copies of this 10" available, but I'm not sure if that's the case today. If you're interested in a physical copy of the vinyl (and you should be), shoot 'em an email from the site first and see what's up.

Also, Mayday is without question one of the unsung bands most deserving of a proper discography CD. I know I'm far from the only one who would love to see that shit happen one day…


  1. xmetalmikex says:

    Fuck yeah this band rules. I have this, the split with Integrity and a release called "Lost in Sabbath".

  2. Black as midnight on a moonless night says:

    I picked this one up on two colors along with a Stormstrike t-shirt on ebay.de last year, so I'm supposing they came from the Stormstrike dude though I'm really not sure. It is a disaster that this band has been all but forgotten. I cannot imagine a meaner sounding band, these dudes were completely off any variant of any hook.

    Check out a couple rare live pics over at Bring honour or walk away. For a pack of unassuming-looking gents, they packed a relentlessly mean punch.

    (For a good snicker or two, that blog also has a batch of super old Lash Out shots with even WIDER pants than Mayday had.)

  3. m says:

    the pants are….amazing. so is this band

  4. POI says:

    Fucking brilliant band.

  5. Son Of Man says:

    This band was absolute twisted fucking genius, one of the first records i ever bought was lost In sabbath and i still get chills when i listen to it even now ( and i do still listen to it a lot!). I always loved the look and feel , not to mention the sound of the bands that stormstrike released..too bad that label packed it in.
    I understand that Rod the guitarist on Staplegun is now a muay thai instructor in RVA, he trains with a friend of mine over there. Hope that helps a bit!

  6. Carlos says:

    one of the best bands in fucking universe. All songs they ever made are fantastic but this album is maybe truly the best of their awesome roster. I bought this 10" from Stormstrike around winter so maybe they still have some left… It's really hard to find anything from them on eBay but I would give many pesos for their records :) this band is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    fucking good! :)

  7. kevin says:

    You might be interested to know that WRNLRD actually put a Mayday cover into the live set he did a couple of weeks ago.

  8. Joe says:

    Interesting note:

    I remember reading a 'zine about this band back in the day (I bought the integrity split and was introduced to them).

    The Songs on the split, and I think the underdark 7" they did were done with a drum machine, and it sounds great.

    I agree, mayday is amazingly underrated, I'd highly recoomend checking out the "underdark" 7" too.


    I was at that Wrnlrd show actually, heh. He recorded a version of "F(h)ollow" as well, for a special digital EP. He might be willing to supply links to download it if those interested contact him…

  10. Wrnlrd says:

    A fine post as usual. All of Mayday's work is a great inspiration. We may end up covering the discography in a fit of religious ecstasy.

    The EP you mentioned is available here: SurrealDocuments

  11. Fishskull says:

    Here's a direct link to the Wrnlrd "Aenmity Shining" EP with the Mayday cover:

  12. Chris says:

    Before Mayday Lance McLeod sang in a band called As It Stands, I think they recorded one 7", which was released in 1991. I guess I'll rip the vinyl and upload the mp3's in the next days on my blog.
    I mean, As It Stands isn't as amazing as Mayday, but considering the fact that 7" was released 18 years ago it's pretty hard, metal influenced stuff. I guess those guys were about 15 years old when they recorded it.
    My favourite Mayday record is the split with Integrity, I might even say it's one of my favourite split 7"s ever.

  13. Chris says:

    Like I mentioned before, here's the As It Stands 7". I found it on http://thosewhofeartomorrow.blogspot.com, which is awesome anyway. You can download the 7" via rapidshare here http://rapidshare.com/files/193043355/AS_IT_STANDS_world_that_was_7inch.zip

  14. Andy says:

    the INTEGRITY/MAYDAY 7" is the best split ep ever. period.

  15. Brian Bodnar says:

    I knew Carl Sorenson, 'Mayday' member, as I worked with him back in the early '90's at a copyshop ("COPYTRON" – last time I drove past it, it was up for lease) across from ODU in Norfolk. I moved on to a new job around '95? and heard he got a job in VA Beach with public works or something… (I still have a cheapass T-shirt with the band name on it from back in the day) …and I can't seem to find him… any help?

  16. […] at Aversionline did a nice review of their 10", and if you know more about this band, please email me (stuffyouwillhate@gmail.com)! I randomly got […]

  17. thomas says:

    i discovered this band because i work with one of them (chris rygh) here in california

  18. chris says:

    Lance now lives in Cali and grows legal weed….true story…….Gary lives in Newport news VA working as a long shore man….not sure why they don't get together again to this day people still luv em

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