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Ills "Black Dog" 7"

Posted on Monday, July 20th, 2009 @ 7:31am » permalink

Ills - Black DogAfter debuting last year with an impressive demo, Finland's Ills are back with the "Black Dog" 7" on German label Let it Ride Records. With lyrics revolving around "depression, isolation, and the general selfishness and negligence we have for each other every day", the title of the record was inspired by Winston Churchill's "battle against the 'black dog' of depression". For the most part this material picks up right where the demo left off, with a good balance of fast-paced power chords and chunkier midpaced rhythms alongside hints of post-hardcore dissonance. You can tell they're starting to diversify just a bit though, maintaining their core sound while tossing in very subtle bits of metal-based discordance or careful melody without losing the cool sense of groove that their songwriting tends to carry. For the most part the vocals are yelled in a slightly higher pitch than your average metallic hardcore band, which helps differentiate Ills a bit, and they're actually blending that approach with an "almost singing" from time to time (most notably during closer "King Nothing"). The recording's just a little more polished this time out as well, making for a great EP that shows just the right amount of development. Good stuff…

Ills "Hole to Hell"

Motherfuckers ain't got no clue. I'll still run around for answers even if you disapprove. But I never realized the lengths I’d have to go. All the darkest corners of a sense I didn't know. I've got to climb the highest mountain just to be alone. To reconnect this body with my wandering soul…

As far as I can tell this one hasn't hit any distros just yet, but you can contact the band and label from the included links to inquire about worldwide availability, or just order directly from the label for the time being. I imagine the band should have copies of their own within a week or two as well…


@ Let it Ride Records


  1. David says:

    Hey man, i've been a follower of your blog for a long time now and have only just got round to starting up my own. I was wondering if you would be up for a link exchange?


    Thanks in advance if you do. I'll go link you up now. If you don't, then no worries….


  2. Aaron says:

    i need a link to this album!
    i ripped their stuff from myspace, but i need the other 3 songs off of this record, cuz i fucking love their sound.

  3. Samuli says:

    Aaron, email me to samposixsixsix(type those as numbers)@yahoo.com and i'll hook you up.

  4. bottomfeeder says:

    i would love to have a link to it as well :) the song off of it on myspace is really good

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